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Atkins-Surrency Park basketball court gets a new look
From left to right: Verdie Williams, Karen Wilkes, Phyllis Gaffney, Earnest Armstrong, Andrea Levant, and William Carwell.
From left to right: Verdie Williams, Karen Wilkes, Phyllis Gaffney, Earnest Armstrong, Andrea Levant, and William Carwell.

The community enjoyed a reopening of the Atkins-Surrency Park on Sunday, September 18, 2022, as kids of all ages came out to play on the newly resurfaced basketball court. 

Community members were able to see the changes that are being made to accommodate the many areas of exercise and entertainment at the park. The basketball court was resurfaced by Jerry Gibson of Metter, who did a beautiful job.

The new Atkins-Surrency Park Commission Team consists of Chairman Earnest Armstrong, Secretary Andrea Levant, Treasurer Karen Wilkes, Assistant Treasurer Marie Williams, Media Consultant William Carwell, and Social Media Specialist Phyllis Gaffney. This commission was selected by the city council to oversee the improvement of the park, bringing it back to be a part of the community that will create an enjoyable environment. 

“We have been at it for a while with fund-raising events such as movies, raffles, and drink and candy sales. We did it for the kids that we saw out here trying to play on a court that had grass growing in the middle of the free throw line and no bathrooms for them to go to,” Carwell said. “We did it for the kids who came out and gave their donations with the vision of having a better place to play. That gave us a tremendous boost to continue this mission.”

“One of the main people who came in and asked what we need to be done was City Worker Rodney Deloach. He stepped up and addressed the committee with “If I can help out and have the time I will”. That was a big help as we started our mission to get the park up and running,” Wilkes said. “For a while, we didn’t see any change, but the people still had faith in us to continue. We see a new and improved park dedicated to accommodating the entire family with activities, programs, and social events that will give the community beautiful memories for years to come. It was good to see the community continued support for the vision and what we are trying to accomplish at the park, and it will be a great addition to the community when we finish. 

“To see the kids playing on the court and the pride they displayed meant so much to me,” Gaffney said. 

“We don’t get to see much laughter and joy in our children’s faces these days, so we appreciate it whenever we get it. We must stay on point and keep providing things for these kids to do and see, so they will stay off the streets and out of trouble.  Just look around and see that these kids will support these kinds of events if offered states yet another team member,” Carwell said. “I’m committed, and I know others in the community that is just as committed.”

Now bleachers and benches are our next project along with the new children’s playground that will be coming soon, according to Levant. 

“The resurfacing of the court is a welcome addition to the park, but volunteers are still needed as we try to get these items and projects done before the New Year,” Levant said.

Reidsville Councilwoman Verdie Williams has lobbied to rejuvenate the park for years. 

“It is a great start for the park and the community,” Williams said. “It is just a waste if we just sit here and let it continue to go down.”

For more information or concern please contact Earnest Armstrong at (912) 246-4859 or, or one of the board members.