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Warriors compete at Montgomery County track meet
Mayner runs
Tattnall's Jeremiah Mayner (second from left) leads the runners in a sprint.

The Tattnall County ladies’ and men’s track teams traveled to Mount Vernon on Tuesday, March 24 and competed in a seven-team track meet held at Montgomery County High School. The lady warriors came out on top of the team standings, while the warriors placed third overall. 

Lady warrior results

100-meter dash: Seantene Small, first place (12.26); Jasmine Johnson, second place (12.60)

200-meter dash: Jasmine Johnson, second place (27.27); Joanne Skeens, ninth place (31.30)

400-meter dash: Aniyah Conyers, second place (1:06.48); Jayla Calhoun, seventh place (1:13.31)

800-meter run: Kinsley Hutcheson, first place (2:53.68); Paris Coney, second place (3:08)

1600-meter run: Lilly Clark, second place (7:46.98); Samarah Finely, third place (8:37.29)

3200-meter run: Kinsley Hutcheson, second place (15:1862); Lilly Clark, third place (17:20:14)

100-meter hurdles: Seantene Small, third place (19.70); Elina Harper, fourth place (20.41)

300-meter hurdles: Tamia Brown, fourth place (50.70)

4x100 meter relay: First place - Tamia Brown, Trinity Robinson, Seantene Small, and Jasmine Johnson (50.03)

4x300 meter relay: First place – Trinity Robinson, Kirstie Collins, Aniyah Conyers, and Joanne Skeens (1:54.44)

High Jump: Aniyah Conyers, second place (4-8); Samarah Firely, fifth place (3-8)

Long jump: Trinity Robinson, sixth place (16-2); Seantene Small, seventh place (15-11); and Joanna Skeens, tenth place (15-4)

Triple jump: Jasmine Johnson, second place (33-4); Elina Harper, fourth place (26-10)

Discus: Heavenly Mincey, seventh place (64-4); Dejanae Smith, sixteenth place (52-4)

Shotput: Heavenly Mincey, thirteenth place (24-8); Dejanae Smith (24-7)

Warrior results

100-meter dash: Jeremiah Mayner, fifth place (11.30); J. Cruz (11.69); and Mikell Lawson, fifteenth place (11.92)

200-meter dash: Tyrone Brown, fourth place (23.44); Xavier Friendly, ninth place (24.19)

400-meter dash: Issac Brown, third place (54.10)

800-meter run: Stephen Bacon, second place (2:13.67); DeAndre Lester, seventh place (2:28.64); and Israel Espinoza, eighth place (2:40.26)

1600-meter run: Nathan Aaron, third place (5:50.26); Johnathan Taylor, fifth place (6:31.02); and Jacob Hill, sixth place (6:36.58)

3200-meter run: Jaden Grimes, second place (12:15.26); Jacob Hill, sixth place (14:19.42)

110-meter hurdles: Josiah Anderson, fourth place (16:31)

300-meter hurdles: Damerion Calhoun, third place (43.03); Tyrone Brown, fifth place (44.14); and Josiah Anderson, ninth place (47.37)

4x100 meter relay: Third place - Xavier Friendly, Issac Brown, Tyrone Brown, Jeremiah Mayner (44.51)

4x400 meter relay: First place – Issac Brown, Stephen Bacon, Damarion Calhoun, and Malcolm Addison (3:42)

Long jump: Jeremiah Mayner, second place (21-4); Stephen Bacon, fifth place (19-5); and David Hill, seventh place (19-6)

Triple jump: Malcolm Addison, third place (41-5)

Discus: Gregory Edwards, fourth place (123 ft); Aaron Proctor, seventh place (110-4); and Andre Anderson, eighth place (109-8)

Shotut: Aaron Proctor, seventh place (42-4); Andre Anderson, eleventh place (39-1); and Gregory Edwards, fourteenth place (38-4)

Ladies’ team scores

1 — Tattnall County, 156.5

2 — Montgomery County, 105

3 — Jeff Davis County, 94

4 — Toombs County, 69.5

5 — Hawkinsville, 56

6 —Telfair County, 38

7 —Macon County, 15

Men’s team scores

1 — Montgomery County, 206

2 — Jeff Davis County, 123

3 — Tattnall County, 114

4 — Toombs County, 91

5 — Telfair County, 39

6 — Hawkinsville, 36

7 — Macon County, 24