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Tattnall Volleyball squads find their hustle
TCHS volleyball 22
Front row (l to r): Sarah Sapp, Olivia Barnes, Natalie Martinez, Mayra Lima, Chloe Stanfield, and Rylee Smith. Middle row: Jaylynn Johnson, Jailah Chatman, Destiney Phillip, Samarah Firely, Emma Morgan, Head Coach Ashley Findley, and Coach Crystal Reardon. Back row: Coach Deanna Driggers, Jasmin Akrid, Krishna Patel, Kensley Bruce, Leslie Gonzalez, Taryn Vega, Joanna Skeens, and Maliyah Young. - photo by Paul Evans

Tattnall County High School’s (TCHS) volleyball squads have had a rough start to their 2022 season, but they are not yet out of the running for the region title.

The Lady Warriors lost their match 2-0 on Tuesday, August 16 against Savannah Christian. They lost their first set 25-10 and 25-6 in their second set. 

“Savannah Christian was a very experienced team, but our girls played really hard and gave it their all. Our girls fought throughout the game and kept each other up if someone made an error,” Head Coach Ashley Findley said. 

Varsity then won their match up 2-0 versus Long County. The Lady Warriors won their first set 25-9 and won the second set 25-19. 

“We came out scoring from the get go with our serve and didn’t let up the first set. The second set, we were ahead by just a few points. Junior Leslie Gonzalez was consistent with her serves after subbing in to help us push ahead. We had a few times where we didn’t communicate, but we pulled it off towards the end to seal the win,” Findley said.

The ladies then lost 2-0 to 5A Wayne County on August 18 at home. Wayne came out on top in both sets, 25-18 and 25-19. The Lady Warriors hustled in their next match against 3A Liberty County, winning 2-1. Tattnall lost their first set 21-25 before winning their next two sets, 25-21 and 15-12. Senior Chloe Stanfield hit the winning point for the Lady Warriors. 

The Warriors then hosted Ware and Long County in Battle Creek on Monday, August 22. The Warriors fell short 2-1 versus Ware County. They lost the first set 25-13, won the second set 25-13, and lost the third set 15-13.

Coach Findley was proud to see the Warriors improve from the last time they played Ware, losing 2-0 on August 11.

“The team really improved from the last time we played Ware, and our serves were more consistent,” Coach Findley said. 

Tattnall also hosted Long County on Monday, winning the match 2-0. The Warriors dominated the Blue Tide 25-12 and 25-16 in their two sets. 

Varsity then traveled to Nahunta on August 23 to play Brantley County and Windsor Forest. The Warriors won their game versus the Brantley County Herons, 2-0. The first set was won 25-16, and the second set score was 25-8. The Warriors lost their next game versus Windsor Forest, 2-1. The Windsor Forest Knights won the first set 25-21 and the second set 15-13. The Warriors battled in the second set, winning 25-21.

“We had a few times where the we didn’t move our feet and let the ball drop or hit it out on the third hit, but overall the girls played great against Brantley and Windsor,” Findley said. 

Junior Varsity

Junior varsity (JV) battled Long County on Tuesday, August 16, winning 2-0. The JV Lady Warriors won the first set 25-15 and the second 25-21.

JV then won their match 2-1 at home versus Wayne County. The Lady Warriors fell short 25-16 in their first set versus the Yellow Jackets. Tattnall made a comeback in their second set 25-12. Finishing the job, the JV Lady Warriors won their last set 16-14.

On Monday, August 22, the JV Lady Warriors lost to Ware County’s JV team. Tattnall lost their first set 19-25 and won their second set 25-23. The Lady Warriors were neck and neck with the Gators and came close to winning the third set but came up short 13-15.

JV also battled the Herons at Brantley County on August 23 but fell short 2-1. The Lady Warriors had the advantage in the first set 25-18. The Herons came back with a vengeance for the second set 25-22 and the second set 15-8.