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Opinion: Zachary Stubbs
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Dear Editor,

I am writing to address the opinion section of your July 7, 2022, edition written by Dick Yarbrough.  Constantly, I see this liberal minded individual writing articles mocking and demeaning conservative values and political figure heads.  Opinion section or not, The Journal Sentinel should be a family/community based newspaper.  Blatant partisan smearing of one side or the other should be frowned upon.  Would you publish an opinion section of an ardent Methodist church member mocking members of the Baptist church or Jehovah’s Witnesses for their beliefs and practices?  I think not.

With the current political civil war facing the United States, I do not think it’s appropriate to have opinion sections such as Yarbrough’s published.  Admittedly, I personally do not agree with his political view, but I am alarmed by the context of his sections.  More suitable content can be placed in the opinion section for the benefit of our community.  My advice and request is to stay away from politics, please.

Zachary Stubbs