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Opinion: Bill Kicklighter
Tattnall County Courthouse
County officials received a positive financial review at their called meeting of April 7, 2022.

This letter is being written in response to public complaints about the condition of Mile Field Rd. (from roundabout to Harris Kicklighter Rd. in Glennville). A project is currently underway to resurface and extend the road past Harris Kicklighter Rd. to Highway 144 across from Cyril Burkhalter Rd. The project is scheduled to let for construction in November, along with the extension of Airport Rd. in Reidsville. These projects are on a list of projects that was made prior to 2012 for the TIA (Transportation Investment Act), a one cent sales tax that  was passed by voters in 2012.

There were seven projects on this list, and all other projects have now been completed. When the list was made, it was difficult to determine how well the roads would hold up until each one was scheduled for construction. At the time, the other five roads were in worse shape than Mile Field Rd., so it was put at the end of the list. We have patched and spot leveled (resurfaced short sections) the road to keep it usable but have not completely resurfaced it since this will be done in the upcoming project. Most of our major projects are paid for with various grants. A lot of preplanning is required to request these grants, which often gives the impression we are ignoring some of our worst roads. This grant money takes much of the burden from local taxpayers.