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PCA 2021 graduate to attend West Point
Matalie Miles
Matalie Miles, a PCA 2021 graduate, will attend West Point.

Cadet Matalie Miles of Metter has been accepted to the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, where she will begin attending this summer.

“I applied to West Point as a challenge and goal for myself, so that I would hold myself to an impressive and higher standard to become the greatest version of myself and most prepared cadet I could be if or when I got the opportunity to attend,” Miles said. 

“My family’s military background as well as my draw to leadership and experiences led me to apply to put myself in a situation where I am able to serve, lead, and experience things that not everyone has the opportunity to,” she said. 

She explained that family at its core is what helped drive her to this decision. 

“It was my great uncle’s and my grandfather’s military background and influence that originally inspired me to pursue a path such as this one. Their encouragement, along with their own accomplishments, are largely what led me to this point,” she said.

A 2021 graduate of Pinewood Christian Academy (PCA), Miles is the daughter of Sheriff John Miles and Marcy Deloach and sister to brother David Miles. 

She currently is attending the University of Georgia (UGA) in Athens, where she is majoring in political science. Miles plans to continue pursuing a degree in political science once at West Point.

She is also a cadet with the UGA Reserve Officers Training Corps (ROTC) program, which has helped solidify her resolve to seek a military career.

“I have been involved in ROTC since this last fall semester of college, and it has drastically impacted my decision to continue on this endeavor. It has given me ample opportunities and training as well as fantastic leadership and supportive fellowship. They have helped me on this journey and kept me motivated and focused to get to this point,” Miles said. “My favorite part of being a cadet here at UGA is being surrounded by people with this common interest to serve and the expectation placed on me to perform and work hard constantly. This is also what I am most looking forward to about attending West Point. I will be completely infused among other people who have worked as hard as I have and want to be there for the same reasons as I do.” 

Once attending West Point, Matalie already knows what direction she wants to go.