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Glennville Rotary Club contributes to book vending machines for new elementary schools
Rotary Club donates books
L to r: FCCLA sponsor Daphne Richardson, Chloe Carlson, Addie Waters, FCCLA sponsor Kylie Tucker, and Shellie Smith, Glennville Rotary Club President, making the club's contribution to the book vending machine project.

Adhering to its commitment to literacy in the local school system, the Glennville Rotary Club contributed $732 to the purchase of book vending machines for the two new elementary schools in Tattnall.  

The presentation was made after hearing from the sponsors and two members of the Tattnall County High School (TCHS) Family, Career, and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA), at the March 2, 2022, Rotary Club meeting. The club presented a check for $500, and individual Rotarians donated the other $232.

The FCCLA at TCHS is under the sponsors of Daphne Walker Richardson and Kylie Block Tucker. Two sophomores  from the club presented this fundraiser, Chloe Carlson and Addie Waters.

"These two students came up with this idea on their own, and they have been spearheading the fundraisers to raise the approximate $13,000 needed to purchase the vending machines and stock them with a supply of books," Walker said.

"As students, we both love reading and are motivated by goals. We knew that we wanted to channel our energies in some way to impact children in our community by leading FCCLA chapter members in a literacy project.  After our research, we decided that our goal is to help children build strong early literacy skills by providing quality books, which will, hopefully, instill a love of reading in these young students," Waters said.

"These book vending machines in our two elementary schools can be used in a variety of ways, such as rewarding kids for reaching their goals in IReady or meeting AR (Accelerated Reader) goals.  Perhaps tokens for books could be used as prizes for good behavior attached to their PBIS (Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports) incentives," Carlson said.

"The book vending machine will be a visual reminder of goals they are working toward.  Teachers and principals could make the vending machine a huge honor and further encourage students to achieve their goals in order to get a token for a free book," Waters said.

"Of course, with every endeavor, there are obstacles, and the main one is funding two vending machines, one for the new South Tattnall Elementary School (STES) and one for the new North Tattnall Elementary School (NTMS). Each one is $4,800, plus a $500 delivery fee, in addition to funding of the books for the vending machines, which will initially be approximately $1,000 for each one. Overall, $13,000 is needed.  However, we have already held several fundraising projects," Carlson said. “These projects have included baking and selling cookies and cookie kits at the Glennville Celebration of the Season, hosting the Mr. Homecoming event at TCHS, selling t-shirts, and selling gourmet suckers to our classmates. 

“Our next fundraisers will be the selling of Soda Grams (similar to candy grams) and the raffle of a long weekend stay at a beach condo located on Tybee Island, donated by Linda Woods, a former elementary school principal and faithful supporter of local schools," Carlson said.

Corporate sponsors are also being sought, and these include: over $1,000, Platinum Sponsor; $1,000, Gold Sponsor; $500, Silver Sponsor; and $250, Bronze Sponsor, with various size signage of the names of the sponsors on the machines.

"The goal is to have the money raised by the end of May so that the book vending machines can be ordered and placed in the two new schools when school starts in the fall," Richardson said.

The Global Vending Group has created a vending machine that vends books using a golden token, referred to as Inchy Bookworm.  These machines can be used to reward students for good behavior, good grades, and good attendance, or other rationale decided by the school's instructional coordinators and principals. The end product is bridging the gap between literacy and engagement.

"We are excited to be able to provide these book vending machines, and Daphne and I commend these two students for their innovativeness in the project idea and for the other FCCLA members making this commitment to succeed with the fundraising," Tucker said.

For those individuals, groups, or civic clubs who would like to serve as a sponsor or to make a donation, please contact Daphne Richardson at or, or contact her by phone at (912) 237-3093.