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Cloud chosen as new PCA headmaster
Kevin Cloud
Kevin Cloud has been chosen as the new headmaster at PCA.

When the 2022-2023 academic year begins at Pinewood Christian Academy (PCA), a new Headmaster will be at the helm.

“I am excited and humbled at the same time,” Kevin Cloud said on his new position at PCA. “Pinewood is one of those places where integrity, character, and academics still matter,” said Cloud. “It is also a place where the name of Jesus is still lifted up. It is the kind of school culture that a lot of schools aspire to and that I agree with.

“I think the other thing, too,” Cloud said, “is that a lot of independent schools have – but maybe Pinewood a little more than others – is not only a sense of community but a family. I feel there is a deeper tie when it is a family – there is a similar mindset, similar values, and a commitment across the board with everyone doing their part to make sure the school is successful.”

Cloud said he often tells people that when he was growing up, families in the neighborhood watched out for each other.

“The good things I did,” Cloud said, “my parents knew from everybody in the neighborhood, as well as the bad things. There was always a sense that everybody was looking out for each other and loving each other. That’s what it’s all about – that’s a huge thing – that our children feel nurtured and safe and feel challenged by the people who love them and care about them. That’s what you have at Pinewood.”

Born and raised in Albany, Cloud said he attended independent school his entire school career before attending college.  Upon graduation, Cloud returned to the area and has been working in independent schools for the past 25 years, the last 11 years of which have been in an administrative role.

“Currently, I am working at Cape Fear Christian Academy in Erwin, North Carolina,” Cloud said.  “Before that, I worked for Westwood Schools in Camilla, Georgia, and prior to that I was at George Walton Academy in Monroe, Georgia, for about 13 years.”

Cloud and his family will move to the area in late May and “will finish the transition” in June.

“My son and elderly mother will move with me,” Cloud said. 

His daughter is a senior and will soon graduate before heading off to college.

“I’m excited for myself and for my son,” Cloud said, “and we truly look forward to becoming a part of the Pinewood Christian Academy family.”