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Dylan Mulligan qualifies to seek District 3 Tattnall Commissioner seat
Dylan Edward Mulligan
Dylan Edward Mulligan

“I, Dylan Edward Mulligan, have qualified to seek the position of Tattnall County Commissioner for District 3 in the upcoming Republican Primary.

“I am a native of Glennville, where I practice law, and am a graduate of Pinewood Christian Academy, Georgia Southern University, and the University of Georgia School of Law.  In addition to practicing law, I am part owner of several local small businesses and serve on the Board of Directors of my family’s farming operation, G&R Farms.

“I am the son of Mike A. Mulligan and Paige Dasher Mulligan and the grandson of the late Edward F. “Ed” Mulligan, Jr., and Edna Belle Rogers Mulligan and the late Gerald W. Dasher and Pam Durrence Dasher, all of Glennville.

“I am a lifelong member of Glennville Methodist Church, of which I serve as Church Clerk, Church Historian, and member of the Children and Youth Council.  Additionally, I serve on the boards of directors of various organizations, including the Glennville-Tattnall Museum; Glennville Rotary Club, of which I previously served as club president; Tattnall County Library; Glennville Chamber of Commerce; and the Georgia Salzburger Society; and until the time of my qualifying, as Secretary of the Tattnall County Republican Party.

“I am a lifelong resident of Tattnall County and deeply love her land, her people, and her heritage.  Since my youth, I have always believed in serving and giving back to the community that has given so much to my family and me, and now I believe the time has come to serve my county in a greater capacity.

“As I observe activities in nearby counties, I become increasingly alarmed and fearful for our future.  Positive, controlled growth can be a good thing; however, the unrestricted development unfolding in neighboring areas is quickly destroying those communities, as small towns and family farms are swallowed up by subdivisions, box buildings, and miles of asphalt, resulting in congestion, rising crime, and the loss of a way of life.

“If elected, I pledge to stand for honest, conservative government; to listen to and represent the needs of my constituents fairly and impartially; to work to implement measures that will allow us to prepare for and regulate growth in a positive, sustainable manner without compromising our rural way of life; and, above all, to defend and promote the qualities that make our county the safe, prosperous, and closely-knit community that we all know and love.

“I feel very blessed to call Tattnall County my home, and I ask for your vote, your support, and your prayers as we work together to build a better future.”

Dylan Mulligan