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June filled with celebrations
Pam Waters
Pam Waters

The month of June is filled with observances, but most students and probably teachers are thankful that May means the end of the school year.  That is a celebration in itself!

June 3 is World Bicycle Day, and I am for that one, since bicycle riding is one of my most pleasurable activities. But don’t forget National Donut Day and National Egg Day, maybe one healthier than the other.

June 4 has a varied list of observances, such as National Trails Day, National Cheese Day, Hug Your Car Day, and International Corgi Day. I really am doubtful about having a day to hug my car. I appreciate that it gets me to work every day and wherever else I want or need to go, but that is what my vehicle is supposed to do. Why should I hug it?

June 5 is a good one: Constitution Day, World Environment Day, and Cancer Survivors Day.  Every day for a cancer survivor is to be celebrated, as all of us know how precious each sunrise is for us.  Constitution Day is another significant day, and one that should not be taken lightly.  Our freedom is precious.  One only has to view the nightly newscasts or read the daily newspapers to see the tragedies that the people of Ukraine are suffering.

June 6 is another significant day in our history, since this is also known as D-Day. The day of June 6, 1944, was the start of the Allied offensive to take back Europe from Nazi occupation during World War II.

June 7 is National Chocolate Ice Cream Day and VCR Day, and I question the latter observance. However, I am a fan of chocolate ice cream, so that day can certainly be celebrated.

June 8 has two nice salutes, one as World Oceans Day and another as National Best Friends Day. The latter offers the perfect opportunity to call a friend and to dine out together or meet to go shopping or to a movie.

I am questioning June 9 as National Donald Duck Day, since I just can’t seem to rationalize why we need this one.

As you may have noticed, many of the observances revolve around food, and June 10 certainly does, since it is National Egg Roll Day, Herbs and Spices Day, and Iced Tea Day.  Just call this one National Foodie/Beverage Day.

June 11 and June 12 also have references to food, with June 11 as Corn on the Cob Day and June 12 as National Jerky Day and Peanut Butter Cookie Day.

June 14 is Flag Day, a day that often gets overlooked, but we need to observe this one. Many times, our American flag is displayed on this day.

Now, June 17 has Global Garbage Man Day, and I am thankful to hear the trash truck come by our house on Tuesday mornings about 6 a.m.  Since we are so accustomed to regular trash pickup, we often take this for granted.  Be thankful for those who operate these trucks week after week in a timely manner.

Sunday, June 19, is Father’s Day this year, and the perfect time to salute dear ole Dad.  Remember to call your father or “father figure” in your life and tell him you love him and appreciate him for all the times he spent with you and the guidance he has given you through your life.  You never know when that special dad in your life won’t be here next year. Juneteenth is a relatively new observance for June 19, too.

Here we go again with food, with June 22 as National Onion Ring Day and National Chocolate Eclair Day.

Some other food observances in June are Porridge Day, National Pralines Day, National Chocolate Pudding Day, Ice Cream Cake Day, and Almond Buttercrunch Day, and I have skipped a few more of the food oriented days.

Several weekly observances are in June, such as National Fishing and Boating Week (June 4-12), a perfect time to take your children boating and fishing; Pet Appreciation Week (June 5-11), and Americans adore their pets; National Flag Week (June 12-18), perfect timing with June 14 as Flag Day; National Men’s Health Week (June 13-19), one of those weeks that wives need to nag their husbands to get an annual checkup; and National Pollinator Week (June 20-26), and I am not so sure about this one, if we really need a week observance for pollination.

However, make every day special, since we all have something we can celebrate: life itself; being here for others; knowing life as a Christian; enjoying your children and spouse and the time spent with them; your health for sure; and living in the community where you reside and the people who surround you!