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Kudos to Tattnall County School teachers
Sarah Smith

After driving through school traffic on Monday and seeing the chaos of the first day of school, it is important to recognize those teachers and staff members who control and organize this chaos. 

That is all school is, really — organized chaos. These teachers and staff members, specifically those at South and North Tattnall Elementary Schools, were out in the heat on the first and second days of school, along with police officers, to direct parents and caregivers on where to drop off students or where to park. Teachers and staff were also located inside of the buildings to direct students and parents to the correct hallway or classroom. 

The Journal Sentinel visited both of the new elementary schools to take pictures of Pre-K and Kindergarten students (located on page #) on the first day of school. Throughout the stress and confusion of student drop-off, a new parking lot, and a new facility, the staff at these two elementary schools were working diligently to help parents, students, and each other.  

There were several complaints on Facebook regarding traffic and parking, and these are understandable. These parents most likely have somewhere else to go after dropping off their child at school in the mornings. Thankfully, we have a Board of Education and principals who are willing to listen to your feedback and make changes. 

Not only were the teachers and staff doing their job well, but most eveyone had a smile on their face. There has been so much anticipation for this new year, adding more stress to these teachers, parents, and students. It was so refreshing to walk into the building and see smiles.

Kudos to all teachers in Tattnall County, especially those at STES and NTES. When you leave school on Friday evening, shut off your computers and relax. You all deserve it!