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The Journal Sentinel staff is eager to cover as much news as possible for the weekly newspaper; however, this news does not miraculously fall into their laps. 

Reporters must be informed… in order to inform the public. If an event, announcement, or breaking news is not published in the newspaper, it is not necessarily due to the staff’s lack of effort. No matter how much the media calls, emails, and visits a source, they can only publish information that they are given. 

Editor Sarah Smith and Advertising Manager Pam Waters make an effort to reach out to those individuals who are responsible for local events each calendar and school year. It is a top priority of theirs to make connections and relationships with people in the community, creating an open line of communication between the media and the public. 

Reporters, however, cannot do their job to their best ability if the community members do not keep that line of communication open on their end.  It is a journalist’s job to investigate and dig to find the truth, and many factors can make this difficult. 

Smith asks that the community work with her and Waters to inform the public on happenings in Tattnall County. This newspaper will be filled with truthful and trustworthy information, and the staff will always correct their wrongs if there are any.

The staff is thankful for any news tips or inquiries. As always, feel free to contact Editor Smith at or call (912) 557-6761.