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April is Clean-up Month in Glennville
Picking up trash
The City of Glennville has customarily proclaimed April as Clean-up Month for the city.

The City of Glennville has customarily proclaimed April as Clean-up Month for the city, in anticipation of the community’s biggest annual event, the Glennville Sweet Onion Festival.  Once again, for the second year, the festival will be on downtown Barnard Street, set for Saturday, May 14, 2022.  Both residents and business owners are encouraged to take advantage of several incentives the city is offering to urge you to do so some spring cleaning and sprucing up of your property.

Once again, AllGreen Services, a division of Atlantic Waste Services, Inc., has agreed to donate a construction dumpster, which will be placed on the City’s property, located at 600 West Hencart Road, behind the Glennville Bank Branch Office, from the time period that began April 1 and extending through the month of April, ending on April 30. This opportunity allows you four more weekends to clean up your community by bringing your unwanted items to the dumpster.

Please remember, however, that the following items are NOT allowed: batteries, computers, tires, and any hazardous materials (including oils and paints). Items ALLOWED include furniture, construction debris (not from contractors), scrap metal, and appliances. Only by obeying these rules set forth above will allow AllGreen Services to continue to offer this service.

The City of Glennville offers a RECYLING DUMPSTER year-round, located beside the Glennville Police Department at 705 N. Caswell Street.  All recyclables are allowed EXCEPT GLASS, and items to do not need to be sorted.

Local citizens are reminded of yet another service offered by the City of Glennville, that of FREE curbside pick-up of tree, limb, and yard trimmings year-round.  Tree parts must be less than ten inches in diameter and lengths should be manageable, less than ten feet.  All leaves must be bagged, and you are asked not to place items on the sidewalk so as not to impede pedestrian traffic.  (To ensure timely pick-up, please call City Hall at 912-654-2461.)

We can all do our part in beautifying our homes and businesses by simply cleaning and getting rid of unwanted items.  Spring is the perfect time to do this chore, and especially with these incentives offered through April 30.  With several thousand visitors to the Onion Festival expected, especially with no entrance fee once again this year, we want to have Glennville looking its best, which reflects our responsibilities to cleanliness and respect for our property.

Even though you may not live in the Glennville area, join in the cleanup efforts at your own home or business elsewhere in the county by “sprucing up” your homes and yards, since many vehicles will be traveling through our county enroute to the festival.