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Zuber Malek is seeking City of Glennville Mayor seat
Zuber Malek
Zuber Malek

Zuber Malek, age 44, is a candidate for the Mayor of the City of Glennville in the November 7, 2023, election.

He is seeking this office in a progressive effort to attract additional business and industry to Glennville, thus adding more jobs for its citizens, while continuing its fiscal responsibility in the spending of the tax money and other financial resources.  Also, he recognizes the need to attract home builders and mid-scale apartment developers.

Malek moved åto Glennville in November 2006, purchasing a part interest in the Glennville Dairy Queen from Mary Dowdy. Since then, he has become a full-time owner while also adding the Reidsville Dairy Queen in 2013. He also owns Marco’s Pizza in Glennville, opening it in 2015.  In addition, Malek opened Anytime Fitness-Glennville in 2017, and in its first two years had a whopping 500 in members, which has continued to grow.  These are referred to as the Tattnall Trio.

However, in 2023 he became the franchisee for Captain D’s in Glennville, opening the restaurant in April of this year and giving local citizens yet another dine-in or take-out restaurant option.  He also has plans to open a Captain D’s in Reidsville.

The keys to his success are not only quality products, superior service, and a responsiveness to customer feedback.  He is actively involved in all his enterprises, which offer fun, food, and fitness. In addition, he offers his businesses in partnerships with local groups, schools, clubs, and churches for fundraisers, often matching what is raised.  Also, he has purchased several local downtown buildings, which have been physically improved and are rented.  Promise of Hope-Tattnall and the Glennville Faith Riders are just two of the groups that Malek has consistently supported in various ways.

Malek has bought and built several residential properties, which have added to the availability of rental housing, renovating several older homes that were deteriorating. He is dedicated to enhancing whatever he purchases and invests back into the Glennville community time after time. He is progressive and constantly is proposing new ideas for growth in Glennville and the county.

Malek came up with the slogan and belief, “Georgia on my mind, Glennville in my heart,” and he has lived that vibrant slogan for the past 17 years he has called Glennville home.

One of his most noteworthy endeavors has been his commitment to Miracle Treat Day (for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals) held once a year that raises huge amounts of funds for children’s non-profit hospitals. His Glennville DQ has achieved the number one status in the amount of funds raised among all DQs in the United States several consecutive years.  His leadership has continued to amass superior amounts of funds for these children’s hospitals.

He has never shied away from responsibility and leadership tasks, serving as president of the Glennville Chamber of Commerce and Greater Tattnall Chamber of Commerce and as a director for many years. He served as the 2020-2021 President of the Glennville Rotary Club and continues to be an active Glennville Lions Club member. He also supports both organizations in their many humanitarian projects.

His service has not gone unrecognized by his peers. Malek was voted as the 2009 Glennville Chamber of Commerce Community Leader of the Year and has been recognized by Savannah TV station WTOC as a Hometown Hero, an elite honor.

Zuber Malek is from India but has made Glennville his home. He immigrated to the U.S. in 2001; after completing all requirements, he became a naturalized citizen in 2010. He has capitalized on the opportunities that have come his way. Malek believes in the greatness of America and the “can do” attitude that can catapult anyone to reach their dreams and aspirations. He and his wife, Tanzil, who is active in his restaurants, have four sons, ranging in age from six years old to 16 years old: Ismail, Uzair, Aadam, and Yusuf.

“I would like to offer my energy, enthusiasm, business experience, and vibrant nature to the citizens of Glennville as your next mayor.  I ask for your vote and support in the November 7 election,” Malek said.

For those who would like to make suggestions for the City of Glennville, Zuber Malek can be contacted at 912-237-4131 or email of