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Wayne Nail named as Grand Marshal for Christmas Cobbtown Style 2023 parade
Wayne Nail
Wayne Nail

Wayne Nail has been named as the Grand Marshal for the Christmas Cobbtown Style 2023 Parade.

The best times of Wayne Nail’s young life were spent in Cobbtown, Georgia. Wayne grew up and lived most of his life in Tampa, Florida. The son of Clifford Nail, a Cobbtown native, Wayne loved coming to visit this wonderful farm community.

One time, Wayne, age 12, and his brother David, age 9, with no adult supervision, took a Greyhound Bus from Tampa to Lyons, where they were picked up by their Aunt Geneva. Can you imagine doing that today? The boys spent an idyllic week with their cousins, Keith and Kenneth Harvey, shooting BB guns, fishing with Granny Nail, driving Papa Nail and the chickens crazy, and enjoying milk shakes at the Drug Store. 

In 2005, Wayne and Debbie built a home in Cobbtown. They intended to use it for a secondary home until they retired. In 2006, when Wayne’s father, Clifford, began to suffer with Alzheimer’s, the family made a decision for Clifford and his wife of 60 years, Joyce, to move to Cobbtown. They enjoyed four beautiful years in this caring community until Clifford “Papa” lost his battle with that terrible disease. Granny (Joyce) continued to live in the home.

Wayne worked for CSX Railroad for 35 years and retired in 2009.  Once his wife, Debbie, retired, they moved to Cobbtown and joined Joyce on Strickland Street.  They wanted to recapture those memories of Wayne’s childhood and live a simple life. They soon became active members of the community.

They joined Cobbtown Baptist Church and enjoyed the fellowship of these beautiful Christians.  Wayne joined the Lions Club and was voted Citizen of the Year in 2018. He worked hard for the Cobbtown Beautification Committee and always looked forward to September when it was time to start working on those famous Christmas decorations.

Wayne took particular interest in the care of the city’s American Flag, ensuring that at the first sign of fraying it was replaced. He was actively involved in the planning for the Cobbtown Centennial, which was enjoyed by so many. Wayne and Debbie shared their love of Cobbtown with their large extended family. They hosted friends and family from Tampa, FL; Thomasville, Georgia; Indiana; North Carolina; South Carolina; and Alabama. Everyone loved coming to hunt, fish, ride the country roads, and enjoy the quiet life. 

To stay in Cobbtown the remainder of their lives was the Nails’ plan, but life doesn’t always go as planned. Wayne and Debbie made the difficult decision to move closer to their children. Earlier this year, they moved to Thomasville, Georgia. Cobbtown will always be home. Wayne and Debbie, along with their sons, Wayne, Jr., and Danny; daughters-in-law, Jenny and Ann; and four beautiful grandchildren would like to extend thanks and love to the wonderful people of Cobbtown, sending their forever love.