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Two killed in two related accidents on GA 23
fatal accident

Two people were killed during two related accidents on GA 23 about 4:30 a.m. Saturday morning, November 4, 2023.  The first accident occurred near mile marker 12 (approximately 7 tenths of a mile north of the intersection with Stoney Hill Church Road) when a 2004 Chevrolet Tahoe headed north on 23 driven by Jalen Christopher Quarterman, 30-year-old male of Hinesville, GA, yawed over into the southbound lane before an apparent overcorrection, which caused the vehicle to spin clockwise onto the right shoulder of the northbound lane.  The vehicle slid sideways into the ditch and flipped side-over-side before coming to rest upright on the right side embankment facing east. Including the yawing maneuver into the left lane, the vehicle traveled about 200 feet and flipped perhaps multiple times before coming to rest.  The driver and two passengers, Jasmine Jones, 29-year-old female of Midway, GA, and Christopher Ripley, age 29, of Midway, GA, were ejected from the vehicle.  Jones was found face down about 17 feet south of the vehicle and did not survive. Ripley, who was the rear seat passenger, was found partially trapped under the left front tire but survived.  Ripley stated that the driver and passenger were fussing, and the next thing he knew the vehicle was spinning.

Quarterman apparently survived the crash and wandered back onto Hwy 23.  Christian Omar Sierra, age 29, of Glennville, was driving a 2016 Nissan Maxima North on 23.  Quarterman was walking or standing near the dotted white lines that separate the two northbound lanes and was struck and killed by the Nissan. Sierra stated that he did not see Quarterman as he approached but saw what appeared to be a shadow of some sort.  He swerved but was unable to avoid the collision.  He thought it might have been a deer and turned around to investigate and discovered it was a person.  He called 911 and waited at the scene for first responders. The impact knocked Quarterman about 51 feet, and he came to rest on the east shoulder of the road.

According to the GSP accident report, the accident occurred on a long straight stretch of GA 23 where there was no street lighting or natural illumination.  Quarterman was wearing dark clothing with no reflective clothing of any kind. He was tested for alcohol and drugs and results are pending.