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Teresa L. Odum seeks re-election as Long County Probate Judge
Teresa L. Odum
Teresa L. Odum

“I am pleased to announce that I have formally qualified to seek re-election as the Probate Judge of Long County.  I am a lifelong resident of Long County and a 1987 graduate of Long County High School.  I am the widow of the late Murray Odum.  I have three children and seven grandchildren.

“I am qualified with both experience and education.  Prior to being elected Probate Judge, I worked with attorneys in private practice and the District Attorney’s office.  I have over 30 years of experience in the legal field. I worked for over ten years with Judge Richard Phillips, the former Long County State Court Judge.

“I have an Associate’s degree in paralegal studies, a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice leadership, and will complete my master’s degree in legal studies this year.  In addition, I have completed hundreds of hours of training both in Probate and Magistrate Courses since taking office.  I serve as a mentor judge for new judges, and I serve on the Probate Court Training Council.

“I love Long County and the citizens who make up our county.  I am proud to be from Long County.  I was honored to be selected by the Chamber of Commerce as the Long County Citizen of the Year for 2023.  I have spent years being active and involved in community activities and with local churches and will continue to do so.  I am a proud supporter of Long County Athletics and our Recreation Department. 

“I have worked hard to ensure that I am cautious with the budget (the taxpayers’ money).  I have remained under budget and eliminated unnecessary expenses.

“As promised, I have been present in the office daily working to perform the job I was elected to do.  I strive to always render judgments impartially with respect and compassion.  I am legally bound to uphold the law, but I will always render the judgment with compassion.   I have comments from many individuals such as this:

‘While it was an unfortunate incident that took place, you delivered

“fairness, compassion, and neutrality” with my particular case and in your decision.  I chose to reside in Long County when I retired from the military . . .

‘Your handling of the situation restored my faith in the system and re-enforced once again why our responsibility to vote and be part of not only the national level of government but also why local involvement is so

important.’ R.B.G. 5/3/2022

“I have served as your Probate Judge since January 1, 2021.  I pledge that I will continue to be present and working to ensure that the matters filed in Probate and Magistrate Court are handled timely, efficiently, and in accordance with the law.    I humbly ask for your prayers, your support, and your vote in the May 21, 2024, election.” 

Teresa L. Odum, Judge

Long County Probate & Magistrate Court