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Tattnall County Board of Health recommends closing Glennville location
Tattnall County BOH Glennville location
The Tattnall County BOH has discussed closing the Glennville location.

The Tattnall County Board of Health voted to recommend closing the Glennville location of the Tattnall County Health Department, a decision made at the Board's quarterly meeting on June 7, 2022. 

The vote was unanimous, although Board members Glennville Mayor Bernie Weaver, RN Julie Dasher, and Tattnall School Superintendent Dr. Gina Williams were not in attendance at the meeting.

Dr. Roseanne Parks, District Health Director, pointed out that financial concerns prompted her comments regarding closing one of the offices.

Dr. Parks mentioned that two nursing vacancies had been advertised for over a year. (However, a review of ads placed in The Journal Sentinel for 2021 and 2022 did not show that an ad had been placed for a nurse, even though the newspaper is the legal organ and serves Tattnall County.)

The draft of the minutes of the meeting indicated that County Commission Chairman Jackie Trim shared his opinion that a second health building was created for political reasons, adding that the Glennville Health Department "had been good and very convenient for folks in the south end of the county, and closing would once again be very political."

The recommendation of the Tattnall County Board of Health to close the Glennville location is on the agenda for the Monday, 9 a.m., July 11, 2022, Tattnall County Commissioners' meeting, at which time they will discuss the Tattnall County Health Board's recommendation and take a vote on it.

Dr. Parks stated that the Glennville location was designed more efficiently as far as the lab area and the size of some of the rooms, and the Reidsville location would need improvements to make it more usable.