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Marine Corps Birthday and Veterans Day Celebration to be held November 11
Veterans Day

Marines and military veterans are invited enjoy the 247th Marine Corps Birthday and Veterans Day Celebration beginning at 5:30 p.m., Friday November 11, 2022 at Bobcat’s Diner in Collins.  

It is an opportunity for veterans of all military services to gather and renew friendships and celebrate their military service to the United States of America. Spouses are invited. A seafood buffet will be available Dutch Treat at $18.00 per plate. Prizes will be given for the oldest Marine and oldest veteran present as well as the youngest Marine and youngest veteran present. A door prize will be given also.

This is the tentative agenda for the meeting.

5:30 p.m.  Opening Prayer…Ronnie Thomas, United States Navy Cryptography; Quartermaster VFW 7764 Reidsville 

Welcome….Wayne Campbell, Marine Aviation, Vietnam; Junior Vice-Commander, VFW 7764 Reidsville

National Anthem….Billy Morgan, Army National Guard, Afghanistan; Adjutant, VFW 7764, Reidsville

Pledge of Allegiance….Earl Boyett, U.S. Marines, Vietnam; Former Junior Vice Commander, VFW 7764, Reidsville


Recognition of Special Guests and introduction of speaker….Wayne Campbell

Speaker/Subject… Ronnie McCall, USAF, Vietnam; Commander, VFW 7764 Reidsville   

Remembering Marine PFC Dennis Oliver, Vietnam

Recognition of members of military services….Don Bentley, US Army, Desert Storm; VFW 7764 Trustee.  1. Army  2. Navy  3. Air Force  4. Coast Guard  5. Marine Corps .  Members of each service will be asked to stand 

Recognition of oldest and youngest Marine and military members and door prizes….Bruce Sanders, US Marines Vietnam; Trustee, VFW 7764 Reidsville

Closing Prayer….Bobby Kennedy, Georgia Army National Guard, Iraq; Senior Vice Commander, VFW 7764, Reidsville

Closing sing-along to close the event:  God Bless the USA, Lee Greenwood.