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Tattnall County IDA elects 2022 officers
IDA moves forward on Sunday package sale resolution and OneGeorgia grant
Wayne Dasher
Wayne Dasher, Chairman of Tattnall IDA

Wayne Dasher of Glennville was reelected as chairman of the Tattnall County Industrial Development Authority (IDA) at the July 12, 2022, meeting. 

Ed Nelson was elected as vice chairman. Susan Thomas Fountain was elected secretary, replacing the late Brenda Smith’s position. Ophelia Gaines was reelected as the treasurer. 

In addition, Dylan Mulligan of Glennville was elected to serve as the IDA’s attorney. 

After the election of officers, the authority discussed and voted on two developments in Tattnall County: the alcohol referendum and the Rotary Corporation property acquisition.

Alcohol referendum

The IDA approved to pass a resolution that requests the Tattnall County Commissioners issue the call for a referendum or special election to be held on November 8, 2022, (State-wide General Election) to allow registered voters to vote on whether to authorize Tattnall to permit and regulate the issuance of licenses for the Sunday sales of distilled spirits by the package.

In summary, the county can currently set license fees for the package sales of distilled spirits (liquor) and the sale of distilled spirits by the drink for consumption on the premises Monday through Saturday. The sale of distilled spirits by the drink is also legal on Sunday. However, retail package sales of distilled spirits (liquor) are still not legal on Sundays in Tattnall’s unincorporated areas unless passed in November of 2022. These resolutions approved by the commissioners affect the county only and does not refer to the incorporated cities in Tattnall.

These resolutions can be viewed in detail at the office of the Tattnall County Commissioners in the Tattnall County Courthouse.

Rotary Corporation property acquisition

The IDA approved to move forward with any paperwork involving the Rotary Corporation property acquisition in Glennville. The IDA has filed paperwork to receive the OneGeorgia Rural Innovation grant to buy property and build a blade production building to be later purchased and used by Rotary Corporation.

The grant, which is only available to development authorities, is currently set at $500,000. A Memorandum of Understanding between the IDA and Rotary Corporation will be drafted, and the account for this money has been set up.