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Right-of-way acquisition process begins for Airport Road and Mile Field Road
Tattnall County Courthouse
County officials received a positive financial review at their called meeting of April 7, 2022.

At a called Tattnall County Commissioners meeting on Thursday, April 7, the county officials approved a motion authorizing the process to begin for the right-of-way acquisition for relevant tracts on Airport Road and Mile Field Road. These right-of-ways are needed for road projects planned for these two roads.

The first step in the process is the hiring of an independent certified real estate appraiser who will perform appraisals on all the relevant tracts on Airport Road and Mile Field Road so as to establish the fair market value of such tracts. The owners of the relevant tracts on these two roads will be notified of their opportunity to accompany the appraiser during his/her inspection of the property. However, the owners of these tracts can choose to donate the property to the county, even though they have a right to just compensation for selling such tracts to the county.

Written offers will then be provided to each property owner, with the provision that the county will offer to pay no less than the fair market value of such tracts. The owners will be given a copy of how the county formulated the fair market of such tracts.

Other recourse options to the county are available if the pre-negotiations are unsuccessful.

Another agenda item involved the approval of a borrow pit easement from John and Cindy Shuman in District 5, with the dirt needed for various county road projects.