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Requests made to Glennville City Council for Recycling Program and Education & Technology Commission
Shanea and Ajani

Shanna Bradford appealed to the Glennville City Council for updated signage on the dumpster located at the back of the parking lot of the Glennville Police Department on Caswell Street. She asked that the signage be more specific in the items and instructions on their disposal. Mayor Bernie Weaver said the council would consider her suggestions.

Ajani Abdul appealed to the City Council for the formation of an Education and Technology Commission, which he expressed would be a help for current and future workers interested in learning coding and programming in the various businesses in the city and county. He stated that grants may be available for such classes. He was thanked for his suggestions.

Bradford and Abdul are fairly new to Glennville and have expressed opportunities to be involved in the community.  The two regularly attend city council meetings.