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LOST distribution approved for cities and county
Tattnall County Board of Commissioners logo
To qualify as a municipality to receive LOST funds, they must provide at least three of the following services: water, sewage, garbage collection, police protection, fire protection, or library.

An agreement has been reached between Tattnall County and the cities of Glennville, Reidsville, Collins, and Cobbtown on the distribution of the Local Option Sales Tax (LOST) monies for the next ten years. 

The distribution approved by all is as follows:   City of Cobbtown, 1.29%; City of Collins, 2.15%; City of Reidsville, 9.54%; City of Glennville, 19.34%; and Tattnall County, 67.68%.

The Intergovernmental Fire Agreement provides for funding from the County of the fire services/fire departments as follows: $8952 to the City of Cobbtown; $15,564 to the City of Collins; $43,188 to the City of Reidsville; and $52,296 to the City of Glennville. 

In reference to the Intergovernmental Agreement for Funding Recreation Services, it was agreed for the County to pay an annual payment of $10,000 each to the City of Cobbtown and to the City of Collins.  A payment will be made of $50,000 to the City of Glennville and to the City of Reidsville, which will be divided between the two based on the previous year's recreation participation figures of the two cities.

The LOST and the two intergovernmental agreements were officially approved at the August 1, 2022, Tattnall County Commissioners' meeting.