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Amendment adds enforcement to county sound and noise control ordinance
County commissioners approve several agenda items at meeting
Noise Pollution
A complete copy of the ordinance can be reviewed at the Tattnall County Commissioners' office in the Courthouse in Reidsville.

Complaints have increased over the last several years on disturbing loud sound and noise in residential areas of Tattnall County, and the Tattnall County Commissioners agreed to add an amendment to their ordinance that allows Tattnall Sheriff Kyle Sapp to enforce the provisions.

The ordinance amendment states:  "It shall be unlawful for any person to operate or amplify, or cause or allow the operation or amplification of, the noise or sound produced by a radio, tape player, or other mechanical, electronic, or digital noise or sound-making device or instrument in, on, at or from any  location so that the noise or sound is plainly audible at a distance of 100 feet or more from the point of origin of the noise or sound."  

Specifically mentioned are the times of 11 p.m. to 7 a.m. for such disturbances.  Also, the amended ordinance adds other specific prohibitions, with exceptions mentioned as well.  

A complete copy of the ordinance can be reviewed at the Tattnall County Commissioners' office in the Courthouse in Reidsville. This ordinance does not apply to areas within the city limits of the various cities in Tattnall County.

Other agenda items

Another agenda item at the April 2022 meeting was the approval to the amendment to the John Deere Backhoe Contract.  Although the commissioners had originally voted to the original contract price for a Flint/John Deere backhoe on November 1, 2021, they have since decided to keep the one they had planned to trade in on the new one. The used county backhoe has been repaired since then.  The new backhoe will be $135,215 delivered to the county shop, with a financing option of a lease with five annual payments of $30,039.  The first payment will be made April 30, 2022, with the final payment of April 30, 2026.

Also, the master lease agreement was officially approved for the Dept. of Family and Children Services area of 6600 square feet of space at 114-D N. Main Street in Reidsville, in what is known as the Tattnall Governmental Complex. The Dept. of Family and Children Services is located adjacent to the office of the Tattnall County Extension/4-H offices. The lease agreement between the State Properties Commission, the lessee/tenant, and the Tattnall County Commissioners, is for a beginning rent of $6000 per month, beginning June 30, 2023, for the 2022-23 year, which increases each year over a ten-year period, with the final monthly rent of $7170, for a total of $86,040 over the ten years.

Tattnall EMA Director Walt Rogers also reported that he had received approval notification of his grant application from the Georgia Forestry Commission for $5000 for fire-fighting gear, 17 sets. This is lightweight gear that will be used in fighting smaller fires, especially brush fires, which are prevalent in Tattnall. The total cost of the gear is $10,919 from Fire Penny; two other bids were received, one for $20,060 from FireLine, Inc., and the other of $20,107 from Ten-8.

County Attorney Tom Peterson was given approval by the commissioners to complete the title work on the Stanley Farm Project.  Once this title work is completed, it will be placed on a future agenda for consideration.  The project involves approximately 15 acres to construct realignment of Wilber Kennedy Road.  County Engineer Dennis Odom commented that this realignment will correct two bad curves and the narrowness of the road, with a 60-foot right-of-way, actually shortening the length of the road, too.

Other items approved were as follows: Judicial Alternatives of Georgia (JAG) Probation Services Agreements with the County, including Magistrate Court, State Court, and Superior Court; and resignation of John Mock from the Code Enforcement Office and advertisement of this position.

Also, the following vehicles were agreed to be declared surplus: 2002 Ford F150 and 1996 Chevy C-2500, Road Dept.; 2006 Ford F350, EMS; 1986 GMC 7000, EMA; and 2008 Gem EXLD and 2014 Dodge Charger, Sheriff.  It was agreed that if the reserved price was not met, that the vehicle(s) would be used for scrap metal.

The commissioners approved a proclamation for National Crime Victims' Rights Week of April 24-30, 2022.

Tattnall County Development Authority Wayne Dasher commented that the Authority is assisting Rotary Corporation in the expansion of their blade manufacturing plant on Hwy. 23. He added that the Samsung purchase of 500 acres at Gooseneck for the placement of a solar farm in ongoing.  Dasher also mentioned that Onshore had vacated two of the buildings at the former Southeastern Technical complex in Glennville and was only using a portion of the two-story building now.  He also reminded the commissioners of his annual Law Enforcement Cookout on April 14.

In closing, Kandiss Taylor, Republican candidate for Georgia Governor, spoke to the commissioners on her campaign and upcoming visit to Tattnall County on Friday, April 8, at Boneyard BBQ in Reidsville and Rusty Pig in Glennville.  She was introduced by Wayne Canady, her stepfather.