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Glennville DDA to make improvements to viewing area at Stage at Barnard
Stage at Barnard
The Stage at Barnard in Glennville is the place to be for all entertainment.

Several improvements to the Stage at Barnard are planned to be completed before the May 14 Glennville Sweet Onion Festival.

At the conclusion of the 8 a.m. Glennville Downtown Development Authority (DDA) meeting of March 1, 2022, the following upgrades were approved for the Stage at Barnard: 90 ft. x 15 ft. of brick pavers, two 10 ft. x 10 ft. stone planters that will serve as seating, and six shade trees. The columns around the stage will also be bricked as well.  

The trees proposed are ginkgo, red maple, and tulip poplar, which are fast growing and low maintenance.

"The total cost for this project is estimated to be approximately $10,000, which will be funded by a generous donation from Glennville Bank," DDA Chairman Luke Burkhalter said.

The Glennville Bank previously provided the funds for the permanent stage and the roof over it.

Other items that the DDA had hoped to have in place before the festival are as follows: construction of a 30' x 10' pergola; installation of a 30' x 10' concrete pad under the pergola; and the purchase of two sets of bleachers.  However, the Glennville Recreation Park will allow the use of two sets of bleachers for this year's festival, as was done last year.

Solar lighting in the stage area was also discussed, and these solar lights will be purchased and donated by Stuart Bland.

Since a covered area is not financially able to be provided this year, discussion was for 20 ft. posts to be placed in the area in front of the stage, and a netted covering can be placed over the posts to provide shading for festival spectators during the entertainment and throughout the day.

If any groups, civic clubs, or individuals would like to donate funds for a pergola, the concrete pads, purchase of bleachers, and/or other improvements to this area on Barnard Street, please contact Burkhalter at (912) 282-3714 or email

Those in attendance at the meeting included Burkhalter and DDA members Jennifer Bland, Stacey Berry, and Marc Nobles; Code Enforcement Officer Stuart Bland; and City Accounting Specialist Delilah Bryant.