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Georgia State Prison to be used as historical site with regular tours
Georgia State Prison is set to be used as a historical site.

Georgia State Prison is planned to be used as a historical site and emergency evacuation site for inmates, according to the Georgia Department of Corrections (GDC) Assistant Commissioner of Facilities Ahmed Holt.

Georgia State Prison was built in 1937 and closed in early 2022. All inmates and staff have been relocated, and Holt was proud to say that no staff member resigned after moving locations. 

This prison, located on Highway 147 in Reidsville, will now serve as a historical landmark for people to visit, with tours available regularly. The facility is to remain minimally maintained with energy conservation. 

In addition, the prison will be used as an emergency location for evacuation of inmates from other facilities. 

Commissioner Timothy Ward has considered the possibility of films being made at the location.  He is also open to the idea of placing a restaurant at the prison.

The Georgia State Prison fire station has been assigned to Rogers State Prison. Also, Rogers State Prison will maintain the offender cemetery at Georgia State.  The Georgia State mobile surgical unit will also be relocated to another prison.