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Claxton Poultry chicken truck accident likely caused by wild hog
chicken truck wreck
Chickens scatter across the side of the highway after the wreck.

A scary accident involving a loaded Claxton Poultry chicken truck traveling North  on Hwy 178 near the Cedar Hall Road on the Georgia State Prison property was likely caused by a wild hog according to local resident Anthony (Abe) Boyett who was a witness to the entire accident.  

An official account of the wreck has not been released, but Boyett was approaching the truck on Tuesday, and a Georgia State Prison farm tractor pulling a farm trailer with possibly three or four inmates inside that was going to a carrot field and in front of the chicken truck.  The driver of the chicken truck pulled out to pass according to Boyett, and just as he cleared the farm tractor, it appeared that a wild hog ran across the road and the driver swerved to miss the animal.  The truck jackknifed and the trailer rolled on its side and flipped the truck.  

Boyett was at the scene immediately and was worried the truck had collided with the farm tractor.  Fortunately the truck was far enough ahead that the driver of the farm tractor was able to avoid the truck and loaded trailer. 

Boyett and the inmates checked on the driver whose foot was pinned inside, but when he un-latched the door from the inside an inmate was able to open the door (raise it because the truck was on its side) which took the pressure off his foot and help the driver out.  Boyett advised him not to move around if he thought he was hurt, but he seemed to be okay. Sheriff’s Deputies and State Patrol Troopers were on the scene within minutes.

There were no apparent injuries but the cleanup took several hours.