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Botanical Sciences facility continues construction progress
Construction is in progress at the Botanical Science facilities.
Construction is in progress at the Botanical Science facilities.
Vegetation Room in one of the buildings.
Vegetation Room in one of the buildings.

The Botanical Sciences complex on Cecil Anderson Road in Glennville is continuing its construction progress. Tours were held this past Thursday, April 14 for those who wanted a glimpse of the construction to date. 

Botanical Sciences is building a vertically integrated medical cannabis facility, which will take the plant from the seed stage to the extraction process for the cannabis oil as well as manufacturing products that are approved for patients with a Georgia Medical Cannabis card. Botanical Sciences was awarded one of the two Class 1 Georgia production licenses last year, scoring the highest out of the 69 applicants.

A reception was held in their first grow building, which is ready to get cannabis plants going right now.  This building can start with 1920 plants in the Flower stage, 600 plants in the Vegetative stage, and 7500 seeds that can be started.

The seed stage encompasses 17 days, with the next stage of vegetation taking three weeks, according to Chase Bradshaw, Chief of Operations at the Glennville facility. From there, the flower stage is the final 60-day stage to harvest.  The next process is the extraction process for the cannabis oil.

Sam Olens, former Georgia Attorney General who is now the attorney for Botanical Sciences, commented that the Glennville community was an ideal choice for the company to locate their cannabis facility.

"This community has such potential, and the local citizens welcome new industry. This is a win for both Botanical Sciences and for Tattnall County, especially with up to 200 jobs to be available," said Olens.

Two other structures nearing completion are 31,000 square feet each, and these will be also utilized for the growing process.

"Security is extremely tight already, in addition to security personnel on the site now, even in the construction phase, as well as security fencing that will be completed next week,” Director of Strategic Partnerships Reid Stone said. 

Security cameras fully cover the property from any angle.

Another large facility on the grounds will house administration, security, and processing for research and development. A partnership is already is place with Georgia Southern University in this area of research and development.

“We are currently finalizing several other partnerships that will ensure Botanical Sciences is a leader in the medical cannabis space.  This is a financial impact of 100 million to 200 million dollars a year. The electrical bill alone will be approximately $200,000 a month once the facility is in full operation. We have made a concerted effort to use local companies and labor to launch Botanical Sciences in Glennville,” Stone said.

The Glennville medical cannabis facility will be growing, manufacturing, and distributing medical marijuana, which can have no more than five percent THC, with THC the compound that gives marijuana users a high. Distribution will be limited to approved dispensaries; those locations are currently being discussed. 

"For many Georgians, this licensing of medical cannabis plants in the state is a godsend, since for many it is a wonder drug to treat seizures in children and those suffering from terminal cancers and Parkinson's Disease, just to mention a few of the conditions that can be helped with this medical marijuana,” Bradshaw said.

As of last month, over 23,000 patients in Georgia have a card that allows them to have a prescription for medical cannabis to be filled, which is more than a doubling of eligible patients since July of 2021.

Also, a study conducted on 10,000 patients on opioids determined that a 50 percent decrease in opioid use could be achieved by using the medical cannabis, which can be taken through a transdermal patch, topically, or orally.

The transaction of the original property purchase by Dr. Robin Fowler, CEO and chairman of Botanical Sciences, LLC, was through the Tattnall County Industrial Development Authority (TCIDA). This company includes several medical professionals, a former FBI agent, a former

DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration) agent, arborists/horticulturists, an epidemiologist, biochemists, and a financial planner.

The Botanical Sciences complex is in a completely enclosed and secured location sitting on 14 acres.

“We have purchased the former Glennville Elementary School, and will take possession of it in late summer. Plans are to renovate the school for transitional housing for future employees, both dorm style and family style accommodations.  It will have its own commercial kitchen, gym with exercise equipment, and other amenities, along with still maintaining some of the community events that utilized the school previously.  I met with the Glennville Recreation Department before our acquisition to discuss their needs of this facility,” Stone said.

Currently, the Botanical Sciences facility is one of six federal DEA approved facilities in the United States, approved for research and development.