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Nobles Republican winner for Sheriff, Teresa Odum keeps Probate Judge Seat
Craig Nobles

The State of Georgia held its Primary Election for 2024 and the results proved to be a memorable night for many Long County officials this past Tuesday, May 21, 2024.

Teresa L. Odum
Teresa L. Odum

Teresa Odum, the incumbent Probate Court Judge, held on to her office and won against Robert Harrison Smith with the final votes at 1,281 for Odum and 1,006 for Smith.

On the Republican side for Sheriff, Craig Nobles won in a landslide against Octaviano Figueroa. Nobles received 1,458 votes while Figueroa had 229.

For the Board of Commissioners - District 4 - incumbent Republican Jeremy Hall remained at the top against Clifton DeLoach with 146 to 105.

For the Board of Commissioners - District 5 - incumbent Republican Robert Parker took the crown against Emma Strickland with a victory of 321 to 302.

In the race for the Board of Education - District 1, Charles “Tony” Duncan won with 280 votes against Teresa Johnson with 216.

For the Board of Education - District 2, incumbent Bruce DeLoach won with 261 votes, defeating Philip Davis, who had 141.

For the Board of Education - District 3, Melissa Craft won with 143 votes against incumbent Synita Mathis, who received 134.

For the Board of Education - District 4, Linda DeLoach won with 214 votes against her competition: Patricia Austin had 93 votes and Pablo Perez had 33.

Finally, for the Board of Education - District 5, incumbent Bryan Wingate emerged as the winner with 423 votes against Julie Norman Dawson, who had 292 votes.