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Local resident Kelly Ward sworn in as Honorary Deputy Sheriff
L-r: Jeff Rogers with the Tattnall County Sheriff’s Office presents badge to Kelly Ward
L-r: Jeff Rogers with the Tattnall County Sheriff’s Office presents badge to Kelly Ward

In a heartwarming ceremony at the Tattnall Sheriff's Office, Kelly Ward of the Pledger House was officially sworn in as an Honorary Deputy Sheriff. Sheriff Kyle Sapp and his dedicated team warmly welcomed Kelly, as he embarked on this special journey.

During his visit, Kelly toured the sheriff's office, gaining insights into the daily operations and responsibilities of law enforcement officers. He received his badge and a deputy bag filled with essentials, symbolizing his commitment to the community.

Part of Kelly's oath included a pledge to uphold kindness and courtesy, not only at the Pledger House but also at the Tattnall-Evans Service Center. With sincerity and pride, Kelly eagerly accepted this responsibility.

Kelly’s duties in addition to being a representative of the Tattnall County Sheriff’s Office by showing respect and following rules at the Pledger House and his Day center, Kelly will also report directly to Sheriff Sapp anything that he feels the Sheriff should be aware of. For example, on the ride back home from the sheriff’s office, he noticed some garbage bags busted on the side of Highway 23. With assistance from staff at the home, he created his first police report and will be sending it in to the sheriff at the end of the week. Kelly says he is happy to get the job and to be a part of the sheriff’s office.

The Pledger House, founded in 2000, along with the Sunshine House, has been a beacon of support for individuals with developmental disabilities in our community. With round-the-clock

staffing, the houses aim to foster independence and community integration for their residents. The homes employ ten staff members, which include one house manager for each house. The other eight staff members are Direct Service Providers; these women are dedicated to the individuals in the homes, and most of them have been with the individuals for four years or longer.