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Landon Boyett - Father of four daughters
L to r:  Anna, Tori, Gintry, Landon, Landry, and Sarah Beth at the beach.
L to r: Anna, Tori, Gintry, Landon, Landry, and Sarah Beth at the beach.

Landon Boyett of Reidsville is outnumbered in his family. He and his wife, the former Tori Smith, have four daughters, ranging in age from six years old to 20 years old.

"I know I am so blessed to have a Christian husband and father to our children. He has always been a good provider, protector, and soul mate," said Tori, who admires Landon for his integrity and wisdom in their household.

"Having four daughters can be challenging, but I have a special bond with each one, and they know I love them deeply," said Landon.

The four girls include Sarah Beth, age 20; Anna, age 18; Landry, 13; and Gintry, 6.

Sarah Beth has enjoyed the farm with her daddy, showing animals at competitive shows when she was younger as did her sister, Anna. However, she also enjoyed dance lessons at Jennifer's School of Dance, starting when she was a toddler. She will be in her third year of college this fall, with plans to complete her major in Crisis Counseling through Liberty University (LU), having already attended one year at Georgia College and State University in Milledgeville.  Sarah Beth started at LU this past spring after taking fall off to complete Harvest Mission School where she had the privilege of studying abroad while being on mission in Israel, South Africa, and Wales.

"Sarah Beth has a heart for missions, and just returned from a week in Jackson, Mississippi, with the We Will Go Ministry, providing day camps for underprivileged children. She is also involved in the nonprofit Cafe 1040, which seeks out the least reached regions. Sarah Beth already knows that her life will include seasons of mission outreach, as the Lord has been drawing her to that call since the age of 14 when she went to Haiti," said Tori.

"She is definitely a Daddy's girl, and has some of his traits, such as his boldness for speaking out and being straightforward," said Tori, who confesses she is much less confrontational.

Anna, Tori comments, just graduated from high school and will be attending Southeastern Tech in the Cosmetology program, which is what she always wanted to do.

"We have home schooled our children since Sarah Beth began seventh grade, and Sarah Beth and Anna have benefitted from Landon's financial wisdom. As part of their training, they have been taught how to pay the bills on the farm and the importance of checks and balances, on paper and online. He plans to continue this training with the younger two as well.  Anna is probably the quietest and the one almost anyone could get along with.  She has a calming personality and gentle spirit," said Tori.

Landry is the most athletic, and she plays basketball and volleyball at Appling Christian Academy in Baxley.  Sarah Beth and Anna, however, also played volleyball, but Landry is on a travel basketball team. She had a few years when she was into barrel racing, and Landon spent a lot of time with her in this endeavor.

"Landry and Sarah Beth are also the girls in the family who mow the grass, so they have grown up doing chores on the farm and around the house.  Landon is pretty emphatic that we all contribute to the household and that they help me, too," said Tori.

Gintry is the youngest and is definitely a Mama's girl. She will be a first grader this fall, and is adored by her older sisters, even though they admit Gintry gets away with more than they did.  She has loved dance the last two springs and thinks she'd like to try soccer and gymnastics soon.

Tori had medical issues during the births of both Landry and Gintry, and she had to deliver both of them at 32 weeks.  Landry was in the NICU 19 days, and 21 days was the length of Gintry's NICU stay.

"Landon stayed with me the entire time, and we are thankful that our parents tag-teamed caring for the other girls.  Landon is really devoted to the farm and seldom misses a day actively doing something, but during my two hospital stays, he would not leave me. This touched me so much, and the girls also saw a Daddy who is the kind of husband they would want some day," said Tori.

Landon credits his parents for being nurturing and supportive of him as a child and teenager, and he has modeled his commitment to Tori like his father, Abe, has done to his mother, Donna.

Tori's parents, Mitchell and Lisa Smith, have likewise been good parents, and both sets of grandparents have taken considerable time with each child.  They seldom miss a sports game, church production, or other event in which the children participate.

"Landon and I realize that we were given a firm foundation in the home, and this has helped us in parenting our daughters," said Tori.

Landon is also actively involved in the Tattnall County Cattlemen's Association, serving as president from 2019 to 2021. He was Cattleman of the Year in 2012.

"For Landon, the cattle aspect of farming is definitely his greatest interest, and we sell half cows and whole cows for beef as part of our cattle operation.  We have four poultry houses, but Landon will be purchasing a couple of his father's chicken houses in a few months, as Abe has chosen to retire from farming. He has already sold his share of the cattle herd to Landon, so Landon's commitments to the farm are increasing," said Tori. Abe's wife, Donna, retired 11 years ago from the Social Security Administration in Vidalia.

"Landon has been such as admirable role model for the girls in our church of First Baptist in Glennville. He is actively involved with us in ministry. We were both involved in Awana, Team Kid, and now with the church's youth group, called CRAVE, and Vacation Bible School is a family participation," said Tori. Landon was ordained as a deacon in 2008.

Their desire to foster became stronger in recent years, and Landon and Tori became foster parents in March of 2022, first offering their services as respite or emergency placement. However, when they received a call to take a six-day-old baby girl, they accepted her, taking her from the hospital where she had been in the NICU since her birth.

At the age of seven months, the little girl was placed with a family member. Even though the Boyetts are saddened by her not being with them, they are comforted that she is well taken care of and loved.

"As a husband and wife, we are more than just parents. We feel we are partners in every aspect of our marriage.  We try to keep a healthy balance.  We each have our own strengths and weaknesses, so we try to complement each other," said Tori.

After earning her degree in Middle Grades Education, Tori taught for several years, first in Liberty and then Tattnall County. She is certified in Language Arts and Social Studies in the middle grades and has certification in special education as well.

Tori and Landon will celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary in November, and Tori cherishes these years she has been married to Landon. 

"Landon doesn’t take much time off for holidays, but we all try to make Landon feel extra special on Father's Day, as he does for me on Mother's Day.  The girls have a high regard and respect for their daddy and genuinely enjoy being with him," said Tori.

Landon is also grateful for several couples who have mentored him as a Christian father, and these include Vernon and Kathy Dasher and Bert and Jan Oliver.

"They guided me in my Christian walk and growth in the Lord," said Landon.

"Even though my early priorities as a husband and father were more materialistic, such as being debt free by a certain age, I now know that I only need to follow God's principles and my Biblical convictions, and the other stuff will take care of itself.  Tori and I have placed God at the head in our home, and our life for our family has been the better for it," added Landon.

"Even though I have always been close to the farm and really don't like leaving it for any period of time, Tori's hospitalization after the birth of Landry and Gintry and their NICU stays helped me to learn to 'let go' a little more.  God healed Tori, and the girls are healthy today.  He sometimes shakes you up to help you realize your true priorities," said Landon.

Landon's philosophy of discipline is firm but loving, and Tori tempers that a bit, too.

Landon admits that his greatest enjoyment in life today is the time spent with Tori and the girls, that he genuinely likes for them being all together, and he likes knowing that is what he prefers.  They especially enjoy boating and being on the water together at Lake Sinclair and at the coast near Shellman’s Bluff.

"To be granted the opportunity to be a father is indeed one of God's greatest blessings. I feel humbled and honored that God has entrusted our daughters' lives for me to mold and guide as He would have me to do in His Word," said Landon.

"Every day is Father's Day for me," said Landon Boyett.