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Madeline Thompson to serve Cru in Thailand
Madeline Thompson
Madeline Thompson

Madeline Thompson, the 22-year-old daughter of Mark and Christy Thompson of Glennville, is bound for Bangkok, Thailand, in mid-August.  She will be a part of the Campus Crusade team, known as Cru.

Cru is an interdenominational Christian organization, non profit 501(c)(3), with its mission primarily to connect with students on college campuses to share the word of Jesus Christ.

Madeline has been a Cru staff member for the past year on the University of Georgia (UGA) campus, her alma mater.

“We had an amazing year on the UGA campus in Athens.  Our team of 11 included seven males and four females who connected with students on strengthening their relationship with Jesus Christ,” said Madeline.

“I discipled ten girls, and then they connected with other female students, so about 30 of us were regularly connecting in some way,” said Madeline.

“Our small groups met once a week, and we encouraged each other.  Then, I usually met individually each week with the girls to grow in our relationship with the Lord,” added Madeline, with about 250 UGA students attending weekly Cru meetings on the campus.  Many of these students involved in Cru will assume leadership roles next school year.

“Our team in Bangkok will include two males and eight females, which are two married couples and six single women.  I will be staying in an apartment with a Cru friend near the Chula University campus,” said Madeline.

Bangkok is the capital of Thailand and has over eight million people in the city.  About two million students are enrolled in several colleges and universities in Bangkok.

“Many of these college students will know some English and will be interested in learning more of the language.  This is a good connection for us as Cru staff members in making contacts with these students about Jesus Christ,” said Madeline.

“I am in the process of learning basic words and phrases in the Thai language before I leave the U.S.  Just as the students hope to expand their English, so will I in learning their language,” said Madeline.

If you would like to financially help support Madeline in her mission field among Thai college students, please connect with her via email at

Also, Claxton First Church is hosting a fundraiser called Peaches with a Purpose, selling local peaches, and the proceeds will be given to Madeline’s ministry. Two pick-up points will be available, one in Glennville and one in Claxton. If you are interested in ordering, visit 2022.