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Jackie Thomas presented with Life Membership in Garden Club of Georgia
Jackie Thomas
Jackie Thomas

Jackie Thomas was recently presented with a certificate for Life Membership in the Garden Club of Georgia. The presentation was made to Ms. Thomas by Glennville Garden Club President Pam Waters and Vice President Margaret Barnhill.

Thomas is a current member of the Glennville Garden Club, and she served as President of the Glennville club in the past.  She has served on numerous committees, both locally and in the Oleander District.  Her floral designs and beautiful landscaping of her former and current homes in Glennville attest to Thomas' talent in design and gardening.

"She has been a faithful and contributing member of the Glennville Garden Club for decades, and we always valued her gardening advice and the programs she presented to the club members. We wanted to honor her with this Life Membership in the Garden Club of Georgia in recognition of her many years of dedicated service in beautifying our community," Barnhill said.

The Glennville Garden Club was chartered in 1929 with seven charter members: Mrs. S.C. Howard, Sr., (Beulah), Mrs. C.W Kicklighter, Sr.; Mrs. A.G. Oliver, Sr. (Ruth); Mrs. Stevie Bacon (Lynette); Mrs. Bruce Dubberly (Vera); Mrs. Ray Smith (Gert); and Mrs. John Beasley (Tollie).

The Glennville Garden Club usually meets on the second Thursday of each month at 12 noon at the Glennville Garden Club Center at 123 N. Caswell Street.  The club does not meet during the summer months of June, July, and August.

The Glennville Garden Club membership today includes the following: Margaret Barnhill, Elaine Conner, Betty Dubberly, Dan Dubberly, Dean Giddens, Martha Ann McGlashan, Laura Potts-Wirht, Salena Rentz, Gail Rogers, Sue Rogers, Shellie Smith, Vivian Stephens, Pat Tatum, Jackie Thomas, Marvelle Thompson, Barbara Wilkinson, Darlene Myers, Al Myers, and Pam Waters.Anyone who is interested in attending the next meeting, it will be held on Thursday, November 10, at 12 p.m. at the Garden Club Center.