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VFW Boston Butt sale meets goals
Sheriff Kyle Sapp loading up one of his cookers about 4:00 a.m. Friday morning for the John Kunney Memorial Scholarship fundraiser
Sheriff Kyle Sapp loading up one of his cookers about 4:00 a.m. Friday morning for the John Kunney Memorial Scholarship fundraiser

Twenty members of VFW Post 7764 and volunteers, including Sheriff Kyle Sapp, assembled around 3 a.m. Friday morning to fire up grills to grill 284 Boston Butts as a fundraising project for the John Kunney Scholarship foundation as well as to add funds to the VFW/Auxiliary funds and the Boy Scout fund.  

Other volunteers came around midmorning to help get the butts off the grill and ready for customers. For the first time in a span of about five years, every grill fired up and operated as designed.  

Last year, two grills were experiencing various problems that prevented them from maintaining the 300 to 350 degree cooking temperature and those grills were operating as late as 12 p.m. to finish up.  Not so this year; every butt was finished by 11 a.m. and butts were coming off some grills just before 10 a.m. Early customers could get their butts in plenty of time for lunch. 

Although inflation and rising costs for meat and spices took a bite out of profits; those costs were offset to some degree by charging $30 per butt as compared to $25 in previous years.  Predictably, rising gasoline and food costs led some customers to pass this year; but it was evident that more butts could have been sold.

Accolades poured in even by lunch time on Friday. Earl and Sarah Boyett delivered several butts beginning around 11:30 and then went home to get a quick sandwich. While eating, they received a phone call from their first customer saying it was the best grilled Boston Butt they had ever tasted.  

Several other calls were received that bragged on the scrumptious meat and most asked if there were extras. Unfortunately, there were none.  Members vowed to have more extras at the next cooking (when meat prices come down) as probably three dozen possible sales were missed.

A big thanks to the early risers including Billy Morgan, Earl Boyett, Ronnie Thomas, Trace Simmons, Don Bentley, Devin Jarriel, Wayne Campbell, Gina Hall, Reverend William Prince, Bill Kulick, Gary Mitchell, Gene Williams, Bill Jones, Keith Campbell, Chris Hunt, Jonathon Evans, Jerry English, Joe Boyett, and Casey Corbett.

A special big thanks to Sheriff Sapp, who brought and operated three big cookers while responding to a typical early Friday morning schedule for the Sheriff of Tattnall County. Sheriff Sapp wholeheartedly supports, usually in person, fund raising events to help the people of Tattnall County.  Simply stated, VFW 7764 could not carry out the Boston Butt fundraiser without the help from Sheriff Sapp. 

Finally, the people who support the efforts of Post 7764 by purchasing Boston Butts and those who donate must be thanked.  The VFW could not carry out flag projects and efforts to help veterans and the citizens of Tattnall County without their support.