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VFW 7764 & Auxiliary donates $2,400 to Bryan County Students
VFW 7764 and Auxiliary
VFW 7764 and Auxiliary

Members of Post 7764 anted up Monday night at the regular meeting and told Quartermaster Ronnie Thomas to write a check for $2,400.00 to help the children of Brian County who were impacted by the devastating tornado last week in the Pembroke-Black Creek area.  

Commander Ronnie McCall received a text from Mrs. Debra Wise, a former Reidsville High School teacher, who stated that the Bryan-Evans Retired Teachers Organization was trying to raise funds to help the children displaced by the recent tornado with school supplies and basic needs.  McCall mentioned that need before the regular meeting and suggested the post should send at least $500.00 to help.  A motion was made and passed and then a member stated that he would match the Post donation.  Immediately another member stated he wanted to help too and tossed in a $100.00 bill and suddenly everyone was throwing money on the table. Quartermaster Ronnie Thomas tallied the cash and announced a total of $1,680.00 had been collected. 

After a very good meal prepared by Southern Flair that apparently interrupted the winter hibernation of his brain, Quartermaster Thomas realized he’d left out the original $500.00 donation and announced a corrected total of $2,180.00.  When Auxiliary President Joe Boyett became aware of the donation, he grumbled that the Auxiliary had been left out and pitched in $200.00.  A $20.00 was added by another member to round the total out to $2,400.00. 

When the dust settled, Bruce Sanders grinned at Commander McCall asked.  “You didn’t expect that did you?”

McCall responded with a bigger grin, “I did not.”  

But he should have.  VFW 7764 is made up of military veterans who served in combat areas in WW II, Korea, Vietnam and the Gulf Wars and saw plenty of children in need. These men and women have children and grandchildren, and although most are retired on fixed incomes, the thought of children whose parents may have lost everything struck a nerve. True to their nature, they reached in their pockets to help.  

A short time later Quartermaster Thomas reported that while National VFW All American dashboard recorded that Post 7764 community service points totaled 63,403 in 2021, the 2022 total is 70,666. The 2022 total shows that the post is not slowing down in community service projects.

“That’s the fun part of being in this organization,” Gene Williams said afterwards.  “These old jokers like to help folks.”

In his monthly report, Quartermaster Thomas also mentioned the Bobby Sapp wheelchair ramp project in which six post members spent three days cobbling together two aluminum turnaround platforms from two different manufacturers and connecting them with a ten foot ramp produced by a third manufacturer.  The final nine feet were constructed out of wood which gave the project an overall appearance of being put together after dark on a moonless night by a construction crew of intoxicated beavers, but it works, and Mr. Sapp is very happy with his ramp. It allows him to get in and out of his home safely using his walker although the project might not be featured in Better Homes and Gardens.

Elaine Campbell asked for time to thank the VFW for reacting quickly on short notice to serve food and refreshments for reenactors recently at the Battles of Manassas Reenactments. “It was amazing how fast you got organized even with limited information,” she said.  “You saw a need and reacted.  You were, and you are, heroes in our community.”

In other business Monday night, the 2022-23 VFW officers were elected.  They are, Commander, Ronnie McCall; Senior Vice Commander, Bobby Kennedy; Junior Vice Commander, Wayne Campbell; Quartermaster, Ronnie Thomas; Adjutant, Billy Morgan, Chaplain, William Prince; First Year Trustee, Don Bentley; Second Year Trustee, Charles Taylor; Third Year Trustee, Bruce Sanders; Service Officer, Gina Hall; Judge Advocate, Dennis Williams; Surgeon, Bill Kulick.

 The 7764 Auxiliary also elected officers, and they are as follows:  Joe Boyett, President; Casey Corbett Senior Vice President; Hilda Bentley, Junior Vice President; Sarah Boyett, Secretary; Susan Thomas, Treasurer; Linda Prince, Chaplain; Jonathan Evans, Conductor; Carolyn Bragg, Three Year Trustee; Betty Akins, Two Year Trustee; Donna Boyett, First Year Trustee; Elaine Campbell, Sgt. at Arms.

Afterwards the group finalized plans for the Boston Butt John Kunney Scholarship fundraiser which will be held on Friday, April 22.  Tickets are on sale now.  Butts many be picked up beginning at 11 a.m. and extending through 2 p.m.