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La Concha holds ribbon-cutting event
From left to right: Emma Presas, Romeo Presas, Minez Presas, Connie Presas, and Juliet Presas.
From left to right: Emma Presas, Romeo Presas, Minez Presas, Connie Presas, and Juliet Presas.
La Concha ribbon cutting
Front row (l-r): Jayme Villalobos, Minez Presas, Maria Alfaro, Daleyza Alfaro, Alyvia Cheley, Nathan Alfaro, Selena Esquivel, Jesús Lozano Vazquez, and Letty Ovalle. Middle row: Danny Collins, Christy McCall, Larry Collins, Francine Jarriel, Eva Moore, Veronica Vazquez, Emma Presas, Romeo Presas, Connie Presas, Juliet Presas, Tina Malibran, Alicia Torres, Carmen Hinojosa, and AJ Hinojosa. Back row: Juan Alfaro, Maria Rodriguez, Yajaira Alfaro, Daniel Alfaro, James Andrade, Norma Andrade, Ian Lara, Tony O’Conner, Heidi O’Conner, Cecilia Hinojosa, Tonya Lara, Gael Lara, Josie Perez, Maria Garza, and David Garza.

La Concha, a Mexican store in Cobbtown, held a grand opening and ribbon-cutting event on the morning of Wednesday, June 1, 2022. 

Director Nancy Ramirez Cheley of the Greater Tattnall Chamber of Commerce welcomed friends, family, and customers of La Concha to the event on Wednesday. 

“On behalf of the Chamber, we would like to welcome La Concha to Cobbtown and to Tattnall County. We wish them very much success,” Cheley said at the event. 

La Concha has been unofficially open since January 2022, but the owners, Romeo and Connie Presas, were overjoyed to officially welcome customers at this event. 

“It’s exciting to feel the support from the community.  Like the saying goes, it takes a village to raise a child, and my village is still showing up for me as an adult.  I am very thankful for it,” Connie said. 

Blouses, skirts, gabanes, aprons, hoodies, hats, piggy banks, groceries, and various other household items and accessories can be found at La Concha. They also offer notary services and money wiring services through Vigo. 

Connie, 31, is a native of Reidsville, but Romeo is from Cobbtown. They have three children: Emma, Minez, and Juliet. They both wanted to keep this business local, further aiding in the growth of Tattnall County. 

Although life took Connie and her husband professionally down different paths, they both always wanted to open a store. 

“It was going to be our adventure once we retired. Then COVID-19 turned the world upside down, and loved ones, who also had plans for retirement, were lost way too young,” she said. “It hit us… Why wait for a future that may or may not arrive?  So, instead of waiting 30 more years, we went ahead and started this adventure now.”

La Concha would like to thank the Greater Tattnall Chamber of Commerce, the City of Cobbtown, GB Bank Group of Reidsville, Aly’s Restaurante y Panaderia of Metter, Abuelita’s Cazuelitas of Reidsville, Better Nutrition of Metter, and everyone else who welcomed them with opened arms. 

“I would like to thank God for blessing us all along the way to make this dream come true. I would also like to thank my husband, children, family, and friends who helped by putting in their time and efforts to making our vision a reality,” Connie said.

La Concha is located at 320C Railroad St. in Cobbtown. Hours are Monday through Saturday from 9 a.m. until 7 p.m. and Sunday from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. Contact via telephone is (478) 299-8989 or via email at