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Dale Kirkland qualifies for Tattnall County Sheriff seat
Dale Kirkland
Dale Kirkland

“I, Dale Kirkland, have qualified for the Office of the Sheriff of Tattnall County. As a father of two young boys and a local law enforcement officer since 2003, I’m deeply committed to our community’s safety and progress.”

My Journey in Law Enforcement

“My career began in Evans County as a deputy. Over the years, I was blessed to serve with the Glennville Police Department and the Tattnall County Sheriff’s Office, gaining invaluable experience and insights into the needs of Tattnall County. My dedication led me back to Evans County, where I worked my way up to Chief of Police in Claxton.”

A Father’s Perspective

“Raising my boys in our community, I’ve seen the challenges families face. My own upbringing showed me the stark realities many children encounter. This has fueled my resolve to create positive change, especially for our youth.”

A Fresh, Open Approach

“I believe in an open-door policy for all. It’s time to shift from the ‘good ol’ boys club’ mentality and build an inclusive, transparent Sheriff’s office. My vision is a department that listens to and serves every member of our community.”

Self-Made, Community-Driven

“Nothing in my journey was handed to me. Every step has been a learning experience, shaping a deep understanding of the law and a heartfelt commitment to our people.”

Vote for Change on May 21, 2024

“Let’s work together for a safer, more united Tattnall County. Your vote for me, Dale Kirkland, is a vote for dedicated leadership and a brighter future for all our families.

“Thank you very much for your prayers and support!”