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Vandalism at Glennville Recreation Park
GRD shattered bottles
Several dozen beer bottles had been shattered in the parking lot of the Glennville Recreation Department.

For the second time in the past several weeks, vandals have struck the Glennville Recreation Park. 

Glennville Recreation Park Director Logan McCullough reported that when staff arrived at the park the morning of Tuesday, May 10, 2022, they found that several dozen beer bottles had been shattered in the parking lot at the park located next to the children’s playground.

“This is just so disheartening, especially since this is a place where children and adults alike gather for recreation and ball games. 

“The park is a big place to keep mowed and maintained, and to be greeted with a parking lot of broken glass is simply senseless,” McCullough said, as he began to clean the parking lot of the glass.

This is the second time the park has been vandalized. During Easter break, more glass was found broken in the parking lot, with other vandalism evident in other parts of the park

Area residents are encouraged to report suspicious activity at the park, especially after hours of use. 

Reports can be submitted to the Glennville Police Department by calling (912) 654-2103 or 911.