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Former GA representative convicted of stalking, criminal trespass
Delvis Dutton
Delvis W. Dutton

A former Georgia State Representative and founder of All on Georgia was convicted of stalking, criminal trespass, and harassing communications in Bulloch County last week. Delvis W. Dutton, 45, of Glennville represented the 157th District in the Georgia General Assembly from 2011 to 2015.

Dutton was found guilty of the charges after he harassed a former employee and independent contractor with All on Georgia. According to court records, the employee and Dutton had a brief romantic relationship from January to June 2020, but when she tried to end the relationship, Dutton began to harass her.

An incident report from the Bulloch County Sheriff’s Office, dated August 11, 2020, states that Dutton was on the property of the former employee, demanding to speak with her. After speaking with both parties, a deputy instructed Dutton to not speak of the property owner and to leave. Dutton walked to his vehicle and drove off, according to the report. 

Another incident report, dated April 8, 2021, detailed events which happened prior to the report. When the relationship ended, Dutton advised the employee that she would no longer have a job and would be forced to move out of her home, owned by Dutton’s friend. The woman was in the process of purchasing the home. 

Before the 2021 incident report was filed, the former employee blocked Dutton on all social media, but Dutton continued to visit her residence without permission. He called her numerous times and texted her phone over 100 times. According to the 2021 incident report, Dutton would not leave her property on August 3, 2020, and knocked on every window and door of the house. 

After being texted and told through the window to leave, Dutton remained at the home for over an hour. According to the report, one text message from Dutton stated that “he knew he seemed psychotic but needed to speak to her.” 

The woman came home after being out of town for a few days to find several notes and envelopes from Dutton taped on her front door and fence. She also reported that several pictures and decorations had fallen from the wall inside of the home, caused by Dutton’s force when knocking on her door. She then called 911, and the incident was reported, according to court records. 

Dutton would drive by the woman’s home in three separate vehicles, according to the report. He continued to harass the former employee and, at one point, installed a trail camera on her property to record the woman’s comings and goings from her residence. The woman was able to provide law enforcement with over 3,200 photos, some which Dutton and his vehicle were seen in.   

In a phone recording, Dutton admitted to placing the camera on the woman’s property and told her “it did not matter that he had done it and that nothing could be done about it”, according to incident reports. 

“Upon my observation of the emails and texts, it appears to be an obsession that Mr. Dutton has with [the victim], and he cannot accept the fact that she doesn't want to communicate/have relations with him,” the officer supplement states. 

Dutton also contacted the woman’s mother over 50 times. The former employee did advise Mr. Dutton on multiple occasions that she did not want to be contacted, according to the report. 

On Tuesday, July 26, 2022, Dutton was convicted and his sentence of 180 days in jail was suspended. He was handed forty hours of community service and has been placed on probation for two years. He has also been ordered to undergo a mental health evaluation and has been ordered not to contact the woman or her family members. Count three, harassing communications, merges with count one, stalking.

Dutton founded All On Georgia in 2014 and several other online web blogs.