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Bernie Weaver seeks re-election as mayor of Glennville
Bernie Weaver
Bernie Weaver

I, Bernie Weaver, am pleased to announce that I am seeking re-election as Mayor of the City of Glennville. My tenure in this role over the last four years has been rewarding in a number of different ways. The opportunity to serve you in this capacity has strengthened my bond with the community, the business owners, and the citizens of our small, but thriving town. It has been my honor to work and collaborate with many of you as we have made great strides over the past four years to improve and enhance the financial opportunities, safety, and charm of our history filled and culture-rich community.

Highlights of the last four years include securing over $4M in grants, which included a $1M Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) to improve and maintain the infrastructure of our town, installing new and relevant software, making the daily operations more efficient and effective by accepting credit cards on-site for certain city payments, and supporting and assisting in the growth of our local police and fire departments.

With that said, there have been challenges that we've had to face and work through together.  Implications from COVID and inflation have impacted our town.  By working with and lending my full support to our outstanding group of city employees, council members, and citizens, Glennville has been able to maintain its financial stability and even progress during these challenging and unprecedented times.

As we move into 2024, we will continue to seek financial opportunities for our citizens, while ensuring we preserve the integrity of all the things that make Glennville such a great place to call home.  In these efforts, I serve as Vice-Chair of the Heart of Georgia Altamaha Regional Commission, which provides many services and resources for South Georgia cities/towns, including support when it comes to securing local grants. Additionally, I am a member of the Lions Club, Rotary Club, Board of Trustees of the Glennville Tattnall Museum and Hopewell Church, and I provide support to other city organizations, including the Downtown Development Authority, the Industrial Development Authority, etc.  

I've been a member of the great town of Glennville for much of my adult life.  In marrying the former Paulette Durrence, a lifelong resident of Glennville, I chose to make Glennville my home and never looked back.  Through the years and my time in the field of education and administration, I've had the pleasure to know   many of you from a young age and have delighted in watching you grow and become valuable citizens within the community.  I've also enjoyed meeting new residents of the community and am thrilled by the interest that you have shown in the continued development of our town.  I have truly appreciated and valued all the support, suggestions, and encouragement of our citizens.  While every situation and decision has not always been easy, I hope you feel that the time, effort, research, and rationale applied was fair, balanced, and well-thought-out.  As we move forward into 2024, it would be my distinct honor and privilege to continue to serve you as Mayor of the City of Glennville, and I would deeply appreciate your support in this effort.

Thank you, and best regards,

Bernie Weaver

Mayor - City of Glennville