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AI is here!
Possibilities endless
L-r: Teresa Thompson and Daniel Rivera, Director of Technology at First District RESA Educational Technology Center, GSU.
L-r: Teresa Thompson and Daniel Rivera, Director of Technology at First District RESA Educational Technology Center, GSU.

Artificial Intelligence, referred to as AI, is here in all its ramifications, and the possibilities are endless, according to Daniel Rivera, Director of First District RESA (Regional Education Service Agencies) Educational Technology Center at Georgia Southern University (GSU).  He spoke on the intimidating subject at the September 20, 2023, Glennville Rotary Club meeting.

He explained that most significant changes in AI have mushroomed in the last nine months.

"AI is a hot topic in every industry," he said.

Rivera further commented that the dilemma has become the question of what is real and what is actual learning.

"When you are talking about AI, you need to consider the effect on mental atrophy, goals, motivation, and apathy," he said.

"Every industry is using AI, from social media to defense contractors.  AI can analyze and understand languages and generate new information," he said.

"Since AI understands language is just pattern recognitions, it can write paragraphs, letters, and essays.  It understands humor, expressions, and idioms, "said Rivera.

"AI is in its infancy, and it can make mistakes, but it will improve," he said.

AI can generate images, tunes, art, data insights, trends, graphs, and whatever one can ask it to prepare, all within 30 seconds after a request is made.

AI can help small organizations by providing promotions, financial budgeting, and a business plan.  AI can impact jobs, education, and industries worldwide.

AI is a powerful technology that anyone can use, and there are ethical questions that abound in its use, with Russia and China users of this powerful technology, too.

"From now on, there will not be a world without AI, but there are presently few safeguards.  AI is developing at breakneck speeds.  Over a thousand of AI developers in the last six months have approached our government, begging them to regulate the industry that is poised to make trillions," he said.

"AI is a beast, and no matter if it is well intended or not, the result will be long-term effects on the brain, learning, and 'dumbing down' if we allow AI to do much of our thinking," warned Rivera.

"It is not going away.  It comes down to your motivation in its use and using AI appropriately.  As humans, we are the ones to give it the level of access.  AI is not in the future.  It is here now," said Rivera.