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9-year-old Sophia Williams set for kidney transplant in December
Fundraisers set to help family
Sophia with her three younger siblings.
Sophia with her three younger siblings.

Nine-year-old Sophia Williams has endured more surgeries than most adults in their lifetime.  However, these have prepared her for what her body needs most, a kidney transplant.  A donor has been found, and the kidney transplant is scheduled for December 2023.

Sophia has been through her share of family traumas as well, but she has been blessed with her grandmother, Windy Williams, as her primary caregiver.

The trip will be an expensive one for the family, with Sophia's stay in the hospital in Atlanta expected to be two to three months.  Two fundraisers are being planned to help the family.

Sophia Williams
Sophia Williams

Sophia's grandmother, Windy, will move to Atlanta during this time and rent a house for a few months.  Sophia's aunt, Elaina Williams, will accompany them to help care for Sophia's two younger siblings, who are also being raised by her grandparents, Windy and Shannon Williams.  Shannon will stay in their home in Metter and continue to work.

Another grandmother, Marilyn Collins of Tattnall County, will also stay here, work, and care for the fourth child of the family.  She will travel to Atlanta on the weekends to stay and allow Grandmother Windy to return home for a short rest.

Two groups, Truckers for Tattnall (Lynn, Malcolm, and Travis Jones; Ronald Curl; and Daniel, Cody, Danny, and Merrill Anderson) and Friends of Sophia are hosting two fundraisers to financially assist the family.

The first event is a BBQ Plate Dinner this Saturday, November 11, 2023, from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., at the Old T&W Tire Bldg. across from the Reidsville DQ.  Tickets for plates are available to be purchased in advance at TCM Liquidations, 289 S. Main Street, Reidsville, or you can purchase these plates on Saturday.  Plates are $10 each and include pulled pork, yellow rice, baked beans, bread, dessert, and a drink. If you order five or more plates in advance for one location, the plates can be delivered.

The second fundraiser is a raffle of 200 tickets sold at $100 each.  First prize is $2500 cash, second prize is $500 cash, and third prize is a 48-qt. Yeti Roadie Wheeled Cooler.  Drawing will be held on November 30, 2023, or when all tickets are sold.  The tickets are available at TCM Liquidations, 289 S. Main Street, Reidsville, or by calling 912-245-4806, 912-293-5880, 912-245-5009, or 912-536-5387.

This season is one of sharing, caring, and being thankful.  Our health is precious, and you have the opportunity to help this child and her family with their financial needs during the Sophia’s transplant hospitalization stay.  To send a check, send to Sophia Williams Fund, P.O. Box 71, Reidsville, GA  30453.