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TCHS students gain awareness and appreciation for Spanish-speaking nations through piñata project
TCHS students got creative when making their piñatas.
TCHS students got creative when making their piñatas.

Each year, students in Spanish I classes at Tattnall County High School are required to complete a piñata project to develop an awareness and appreciation for the celebratory customs and practices of Spanish-speaking nations around the world. 

Students work alone or in pairs to create a piñata of their choice to use at a celebratory event or to keep as decorative memorabilia from their Spanish I experience. Thanks to the generous donation of cardboard by the Rotary Corporation in Glennville, students are supplied with clean materials to work with each semester. 

Even though the process is a lot of fun for the students, piñatas are very time consuming and a lot of hard work. Students must work efficiently and meticulously to complete their projects in a timely manner. Nevertheless, students anticipate the piñata process all semester long. When the time comes, students go above and beyond to build creative, eye-catching piñatas that are enjoyed by all.