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Amanda Folsom presented with Debra Brantley Award
Folsom and Balkom
Amanda Folsom, recipient of the Debra Brantley Award, and Nicole Balkcom, Tattnall School System Special Education Director.

Reidsville Elementary School (RES) educator Amanda Folsom, a Resource Teacher and Co-Teacher since moving to the Tattnall School System three years ago, was presented with an elite honor, the Debra Brantley Award.  

This award is annually given to an employee in each of the 14 Southeast Georgia Learning Resource Services (GLRS) counties. Nicole Balkcom, Tattnall School System Special Education Director, made the award presentation at the Monday, March 28 Tattnall Board of Education (BOE) meeting. Folsom has been a teacher for the past 11 years.

"The award was named in honor of Debra Brantley, a longtime special educator who exemplified what it truly meant to be an advocate for children. She made it her mission to know each and every one of these children. She had strong, positive relationships with the families of the students she served, and she modeled for other teachers and staff what a true collaborative looked like," Balkcom said. "Amanda Folsom has a strong work ethic and goes above and beyond to help her students. She has a great rapport with parents, making sure they understand their child's educational progress. Amanda is a leader among her fellow co-workers. Her students describe her as nice, very funny, helpful, kind, dependable, beautiful, and that she makes them happy and puts a smile on their faces.”

As an indication of Folsom’s dedication and professionalism, some of the comments from her co-workers and parents are as follows:

“When she came to RES, we co-taught first grade together. I learned a lot from her as a teacher. The year I spent with her was my best year of teaching by far.”

“Amanda is passionate about teaching, and it shows each day in her teaching. She has a genuine love for her students and does everything she can to provide them the love, support, and guidance they desire.”

“I love the way she encourages each child and holds them accountable for their self. She treats them each as he/she is the smartest one in the class and expects nothing less. No excuses.”

“Not only is Amanda a great co-worker; our family has been blessed with her as our son's consult teacher. Amanda was very vocal in what he needed to be successful.”

“Amanda is always looking for ways to help others. After all the help she has provided for my son, he no longer needs her as his consult teacher.  It is teachers like Amanda who make a difference.”

She and her husband, Cody, live in the Mendes area of Tattnall County with their two children, Payson and Parker.