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Flu making ugly comeback
After two years of just a few hundred flu cases reported around the country, the flu is predicted to once again rear its ugly head among us.

After two years of just a few hundred flu cases reported around the country, the flu is predicted to once again rear its ugly head among us.

Data from the Southern Hemisphere, which is in its flu season, show cases surpassing pre-pandemic levels, with health officials concerned about what is in store for Americans later this year.

For instance, Australia, where the flu season runs from May through September, by mid-July of this year, 205,000 flu cases had been reported.  In addition, 181 people have died as well as well as reports of 1500 hospitalizations due to the flu.  Last  year at mid-July, the number of flu cases in Australia were only about 400, and no deaths were reported from the flu.

Health experts are also worried that school-age children and teens may be at more risk this year.  In a normal season, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) say children younger than two years of age and adults older than 65 are considered a highest risk for flu complications.

Medical experts state that the flu vaccine is especially important this year, and recommend Americans consider getting it sooner than usual, since the flu season may start earlier than normal.  Many of our local pharmacies will be receiving the flu vaccine between mid-August and the end of August, so call for an appointment to schedule a time to receive your flu shot.  Our local pharmacies have ordered the flu vaccine, and the pharmacies and their phone numbers are as follows: Central Pharmacy, (912) 654-3031, and Strickland’s Pharmacy, (912) 654-2184. Walgreens, (912) 654-9647, in Glennville, already has the flu vaccine as does The Drug Store in Reidsville, (912) 557-4338. Please call to make an appointment to receive your flu shot.

The Tattnall public schools have already distributed a form for parents to sign for students to receive the flu vaccine at their respective schools.

The Tattnall County Health Department locations in Glennville and Reidsville have the flu vaccine now.  The Glennville site is open on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, and the Reidsville office is open on Tuesdays and Thursdays, both from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.  Also, the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine is available for those who need the first shot or the boosters.  You are encouraged to call 1-855-473-4374 to schedule an appointment, even though walk-ins are accepted.

Although many of us are exhausted with the news of urging citizens to get their COVID vaccines and flu vaccines, this year, once again, make sure that you schedule your flu vaccine.