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Tattnall County Engineer Dennis Odom reviews ongoing road projects
Dennis Odom

Always thorough in his explanations, Tattnall County Engineer Dennis Odom summarized the ongoing road projects with the County Commissioners at their regular monthly meeting on Monday, July 1, 2024.

He first explained, mainly for the benefit of citizens attending the meeting, that funding for resurfacing projects comes from two Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT) grants, LMIG (Local Maintenance Improvement Grant) and TIA (Transportation Investment Act).

“LMIG projects are selected annually while TIA projects are selected years ahead of time,” said Odom.

“The County receives approximately one million dollars each year from LMIG, which is used for resurfacing  (refers to resurfacing a road that has already been paved). The County must match it by ten percent. Selections of these roads are based on a grading system of the existing paved roads. I select roads with the worst grading and secure final approval from the commissioner for that district,” said Odom.

“TIA grant funding was passed in 2012, with only three regions in Georgia passing it, and our county approved it and is in one of those three regions. Projects were selected prior to the voters approving it, including both GDOT and county projects. The passing lanes on SR (State Route) Hwy. 23 was one of the GDOT projects,” he added.

“Funds from these two grants provided for resurfacing of over 70 percent of roads in Tattnall in the last 12 years,” said Odom.

Several current county road projects are ongoing.

The Airport Road in Reidsville and the Milefield Road projects (2022 TIA) are currently in progress, with Sikes Bros., Inc., the contractor on the projects. Expected completion date is September 26, 2024. 

The resurfacing of Baxter-Durrence Road, Harmony Church Road, Love’s Chapel Road, Henry Street (Manassas City), Anderson Church Road, Joy Bluff Road, and Airport Road (2023 LMIG/Band 1 TIA) are scheduled to be completed July 31, 2024, by Reeves Construction Company.

Under contract but not started is the resurfacing of Conners Church Road, Hillside Church Road, Cox Road, Homer Waters Road, Oak Grove Church Road, East Hencart Road, and Dasher Family Lane (2024 LMIG), with McClendon Enterprises as the contractor and a completion deadline of October 31, 2024.

Odom will bid out in August for approval at the September commissioners’ meeting for resurfacing of Henry Street (Manassas County), Old Collins Manassas Road, Fid Mosley Road, East Pecan Road, Stoney Hill Church Road, Jiggs Harden Road, and Stoneybrook Way  (2024 LMIG LRA).  LRA is Local Road Assistance.

Other projects that Odom will bid out in August for September Commissioners’ approval is the 2024 LMIG SAP (Safety Action Plan).  These include the following: Lynntown Road from Elmer Lynn Road to SR 292 re-striping, 3.50 miles; Bubba Kennedy Road from SR 23 to SR 169 re-striping, 6.80 miles; Beards Creek Church Road/Blocker Road at Old Hwy. 250 intersection improvements; Battle Creek Church Road from Cranford Road to SR 121 re-striping, 2.12 miles; Harris Kicklighter Road from Tully Bland Road to 400 ft. south of Milefield Road, 2.20 miles; and River Ridge Road from Rod Strickland Road to end of pavement, 2.34 miles.

Yet another project, for which a contract has been let but that has not been started, is the J. Roland Hodges Road project, with funds from the ARPA (American Rescue Plan Act) Water/Sewer Grant. Because of severe rains, J. Roland Hodges Road was “blown out” in August of 2021, and the road has not been able to be used for these past three years.  The contract was let to Reeves Construction Company with a completion deadline of January 1, 2025. Odom mentioned that a concrete culvert will be placed whereas prior repairs have not consistently worked over the long run. At the meeting, since the current severe bend in the road is a safety hazard, Terry Waters asked that the straightening of the road also be considered as part of this project;  County Engineer Odom said he would look at the road for this purpose. Other landowners on this road, according to Waters, have stated they would approve the needed right-of-ways.

Other paving projects, which are funded with Discretionary TIA funds, are Magnolia Road on Hwy. 280, Lincoln Street in Collins, Emmitt Road near Watermelon Church, and Birds Lane off Hwy. 280.