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Kiwanis Club of Tattnall to sponsor Golden K Club
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The Kiwanis Club of Tattnall County will be sponsoring a “Golden K” Club as a part of its Kiwanis program for senior citizens ages 62 and above who want to be active in their community. 

The meeting to discuss the interest in this club will be held on Thursday, September 22, 2022, at 6 p.m., at the Reidsville Garden Club. Dinner will be provided by Susan Fountain Thomas of Southern Flair Catering. If you are interested in becoming a member, volunteering to help members, or have a family member who may be interested, you are encouraged to attend this meeting.

This group is designed to allow Seniors (young at heart folks) to enjoy fellowship with like-minded individuals who want to live life to the fullest. The meetings will be held twice a month but won’t be simply meet and eat meetings. There will be all sorts of fun activities like Bingo, Movie Dates, Bowling, Day trips to local places and places not too far, including the plant farm in Baxley, and lunch. There are so many possibilities for fun activities for the members. Members can select their activities based on the interest of the club.

The cost of membership is $100 per quarter, which includes meals for the meetings, supplies, insurance, and administrative costs. The club will host quarterly fundraisers to help pay for travels and things that they want to do in the community and their club. The members will make this club their own and will decide on what activities they want to do. Tattnall Kiwanis members are working on getting sponsorships for members who may be interested but who are on a fixed income and can’t afford the dues, so don’t let the money deter you from attending. If you want to be a part of this group, a way will be found to pay your dues!

One of the goals of this club is to work with the KEY Club at TCHS, the Kiwanis Club, and other organizations to organize clean-up days for senior citizens in the community who are unable to do the physical work themselves. Kiwanis members would like to schedule a work day once a month and have so many volunteers that they can do several yards in one day. Also,  club members want to solicit volunteers to help get Seniors who are no longer able to drive to the meetings and activities. Keeping active and being around others who are active is the best medicine for us all. Some people do not have families living close who are able to drive them to places, so they are stuck at home. The goal is to get those folks out into the community and enjoying life, making new friends, and reuniting with old friends. Volunteers are being sought who would like to participate in activities with the Seniors for their meetings.

Please reach out to Susan Fountain Thomas at (912) 293-7774 to let her know that you will be attending so that she can plan for enough food for everyone.