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Cynthia Miller seeks election as Glennville Ward I city council member
Cynthia Miller
Cynthia Miller

In an electrifying and inspiring development, the dynamic Cynthia Miller has stepped into the spotlight, ready to propel Glennville’s Ward I into a new era of progress and unity. Born in Claxton, Georgia, and raised right here in the heart of Glennville, Cynthia Miller has returned to her roots, armed with a fresh reservoir of energy and an unshakable sense of urgency. With a clarion call of “Change is Here!” resonating through the city, Cynthia Miller is poised to lead with a fervor and commitment that is nothing short of awe-inspiring.

She qualified last week to be a candidate for the Ward I City of Glennville council seat.

A Life of Service and Dedication:  Cynthia Miller’s journey has been one defined by unwavering dedication to servant leadership. For nearly a decade, she has faithfully guided her congregation at the Apostolic Healing from Within Deliverance Outreach Ministries in Hinesville, Georgia. Her impact extends beyond the church walls, as she initiated multiple auxiliary ministries that touch the lives of youth, women, and men from every corner of society. A true embodiment of her motto, “No one left behind,” Cynthia Miller’s boundless compassion and tireless efforts have left an indelible mark on her community.

A Vision for the Future:  But Cynthia Miller’s aspirations reach far beyond the pulpit. With over 15 years of experience in education, including her role as Paraprofessional at the Liberty County Pre-K Center, she understands the transformative power of education. Armed with an Associate’s degree in Biblical Studies and a diploma in Early Childhood Education, Cynthia Miller is uniquely poised to usher in an era of progressive educational policies that will empower Glennville’s youngest citizens for generations to come.

Family, Community, and Strategic Growth:  Cynthia Miller’s connection to Glennville runs deep. Married to Pastor Tyrone Miller and blessed with a beautiful family, including six children as well as ten cherished grandchildren, she embodies the values of family and community that lie at the heart of Glennville’s spirit. Her vision for the city includes strategic growth that uplifts every corner of Ward I, finding innovative solutions to champion the cause of the vulnerable and underserved.

A Call to Action:  As the November 7, 2023, election day approaches, the clarion call is clear: Cynthia Miller is asking for your support and your vote. With an unbreakable bond to Glennville, an unyielding spirit of service, and a visionary approach to leadership, Cynthia Miller is the beacon of change that Ward I deserves. Join to rally behind a leader who believes in the potential of every citizen, who understands the challenges faced by our community, and who stands ready to create a brighter, more equitable future for all.

Cynthia Miller: Your Voice, Your Choice, Your Change.